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Editing Apps You've Never Heard Of
Hi! I'm back with another 'editing' post for you guys. This time I tried out a lot of editing apps just for this post so it took a long time for me to install and edit a lot of photos. I found all of them on the internet so I think why not sharing it with m...

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It took me years to finally update this post, I know. Oh procrastinating why can't you leave me alone? Well, as I mentioned in the previous post I will update a post about VSCO editing, so here it is. For the first version of it, I come out with a not-so-fa...

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VSCO application is one of the famous editing applications that contains a lot of interesting filters but not all are free to be used right? After spending hours on the internet trying to find out how to own all of the latest filters on VSCO, I finally foun...

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Assalamualaikum and hi! I'm back with a new theme on my blog. Keep reading to know where I got the inspiration from, where to get minimalist photos and how I edited them. Enjoy! Before this, my main theme on this blog was black and white. Every single butto...

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6 Ways To Earn Money As A Teenager
Having a problem as a teenager where you are too young to work but desperately in need of money to buy things your parents will not spend their money on is way too complicated. Why not work on yourself and get what you want right away? The steps are as simp...

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My Top 5 Skin Care Products
Hey guys I'm back again with a new post about my top 5 skin care products. Actually I have more than that but I limit it to only 5 products because I use them more often than the others. Meaning I use the other products just when there are pimples on my ski...

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2017 Resolutions
I know I'm kind of left behind with the new year post almost everyone posted in their blogs. I had writer's block that caused me to have difficulties in writing new post for the year 2017 as I had no idea what kind of content I should deliver to my readers....

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November and december haul
Hi there readers! Macam lama sangat tak update blog. Kali ni farah gabung November dan December Haul sebab taktahu nak post apa. Lagipun excited nak share barang yang farah beli sebab puas hati sangat bila dapat. Itu pun kena marah dengan mama sebab selalu ...

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Street Art Penang
Hi assalamualaikum! Lama betul nak tunggu update post baru sebab taktahu nak cerita pasal apa. Kali ni farah nak share pengalaman farah pergi ke Street Art, Penang. Walaupun orang Penang, farah tak pernah lagi ke sini sebab sibuk dengan SPM (alasan). Jadi l...

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Where to get stock photos and nice fonts?
Hello! So out of a sudden I feel like sharing with you guys where or which website to get nice stock photos which is divided into two; girly stock photos and also the normal type of stock photos. Not to forget my recommendation on website where you can find...
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