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Eric Whitacre and Goodnight Moon
Eric Whitacre is a Grammy-winning composer and conductor based out
of Los Angeles, California where he is current Artist-in-Residence with the Los
Angeles Master Chorale. He came to his passion for classical music relatively
late, after singing Mozart’s Req...

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The Music of Samuel Barber
This month Clef Notes is looking at a
few composers known for their work in American music history. Samuel Barber
(1910–1981) is the perfect example of a composer who played a significant role
in American music during the mid-twentieth century. He wrote in ...

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Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag
If you enjoy ragtime music, then you’ve
most certainly heard of Scott Joplin (1867–1917). Joplin was a African American
composer and pianist who was the leading ragtime composer of his day. Ragtime
was a popular style in music at the turn of the nineteenth ...

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The Music of Erich Korngold
Even though Erich Korngold (1897–1957)
was born in Europe, he can be considered a great American composer who impacted
the history of the film industry in Hollywood. Korngold was a child prodigy,
composing from a very young age and known among the world’s l...

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Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever"
John Philip Sousa is the perfect
composer to talk about during the week we celebrate Independence Day in
America. Born in Washington DC in 1854, Sousa was raised surrounded by band
music. His father played trombone in the U.S. Marine Band and young Sousa be...

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Happy Fourth of July!
This month, in
honor of Independence Day in America, I’d like to look at a few American
composers and their music. To kick things off today for July 4 th ,
here’s a patriotic playlist to accompany your festivities! William Billings, Chester Stephen Foster, ...

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Peter Schickele and James Thurber
Schickele is a composer, musician, and author who began his musical journey at
a young age, composing and conducting four orchestral works and many chamber
pieces and songs all before he finished his schooling! He then went on to study
with Roy Harris...

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Carter Pann's "The Cheese Grater"
may be familiar with the composer Carter Pann if you’ve heard his piece “The Cheese Grater” on 90.9. This piece is a fun two-step for piano, inspired by the
frequent accidents Carter has experienced with this utensil in the kitchen! Pann
is a composer a...

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A World Premiere from Ellen Taafe Zwilich
the name Ellen Taafe Zwilich sound familiar? This month Clef Notes is exploring
the music of modern-day composers and today, we will look at this woman who was
the first female to win the Pulitzer Prize in Music! Ellen
Taafe Zwilich has written many im...

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Bryce Dessner's Aheym
let’s look at a composer who comes from Cincinnati and frequently returns for
collaborations with the CSO. Who might I be referring to? Bryce Dessner – the
founder of the MusicNOW Festival. Though
primarily known as a guitarist with The National, Des...
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