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Saeedeh Shekarpour

Dr. Sheth asked those who were absent yesterday, should come to him and explain their absence

Being present for other s presentations was expected.

So far the number of participants in surveys are low, as part of the class activity you should try demos of others and fill out surveys,

The deadline is the end of this week (report & result of demo).

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A great opportunity being worth to be considered

Regarding pilot consolidation, The three courses were consolidated under one course – 20392.201730. The other courses will not be viewable except through this master course.

I listed the envisioned syllabi, but based on the quality of the class, we might add a few more topics.

Thank you

Web Technology Course Syllabi in Spring 2017

Introduction to the Web: Origins of the World Wide Web.
HTML5 and CSS3
XML (language syntax parsing)
Serialization framework & JSON
RDF (Resource Description Framework)
Client side programming I: Javascript
Client side programming II (possibly programming for mobile-friendly
Server side programming (Python)
Introduction to Project Planning; Examples of past projects
Dynamic Web site with Database
RESTful services and Mashups
Basics of Information Retrieval and Search: Lucene and Nutch
Modern Web Search
Introduction to IoT and dealing with sensor data
How to build scalable websites
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