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Good wine, they say, needs no bush - and the same goes for good beer. So that's me giving up on Bushmills

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Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield (Plus-posts passim) once again, vomiting her drivel in the national press while still not actually publishing a paper on the topic. She's pretty much given up any claim to scientific credibility with her constant lack of publishing.

I'll stop calling her an unintelligent cretin, a failure, and a thoroughly awful scientist when she publishes her results before crying to the papers.

Then again, she was useless as a scientist when I demolished her arguments in an exam in 2003....

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Two new (to me, anyway) versions of Dinner for One:

Dinner for One - Lego-Version

Fondue for One

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From the Equality Network - please read, act and pass on. The less tolerant churches and their friends are making a seriously hard push on this.

One Last Thing…


There is now just ONE DAY left until the Scottish Government’s same-sex marriage consultation closes at midnight on Friday night:


In the last day of the equal marriage consultation drive we are asking you to take just ONE ACTION.


Between now and 12 midnight on Friday we need you to get at least ONE PERSON to respond to the consultation in favour of equal marriage.

· It could be a friend, family member, or even a work colleague.
· If everyone who has responded so far encourages just one more person to respond we would overtake our opponents’ 25,000 responses.

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Surely even tories wouldn't do this? And the Lib Dem,s should be truly ashamed!
What wonderful times we live in.

"Instead, cancer patients on chemotherapy in hospitals will now have to prove that they are too sick to work"

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I have updated my lists of search engines to over 370 in 8 major and 33 minor categories. Briefly annotated them as well. There's more to life than Google! Please re-share if you think appropriate and do please use them!

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Thanks to +Thorfinn Tertius for posting this which describes a lot of things that aren't true about names. Beware of the comments though - the privilege level is pretty scary.

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Local councillors have voted against their own leader to force a study into the effects of the proposed wind farm. - not quite sure who's more stupid, the councillors or those who voted them in!
The proposed development is 10.2 miles away from Bournemouth, 8.2 miles away from Peverill Point near Swanage and 8.4 miles away from The Needles, Isle of Wight. If lucky and the weathers right, you might be able to see them, but it's very unlikely you'll be able to hear them!
So if interested, you can show your support of them by 'liking' the facebook page below!
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