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Project Nelson
A different user interface for your computer.
A different user interface for your computer.


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Patches for Project Nelson and +Software Updater have been released. The patches update the website that Software Updater checks for updates to itself and to Project Nelson. You will need to download and install these patches to continue to receive updates for Project Nelson and Software Updater automatically.

See the link below for more information, or go to to download the patch for Project Nelson.

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A quick note: the Project Nelson website is now located at Cheers!

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Project Nelson 1.0 Build 020 Update 1 and +Software Updater 1.1 have been released!

Alright, Project Nelson 1.0 Build 021 Update 1 was being delayed by a nasty bug in one of the new features of +Software Updater 1.1, but now it's fixed! The update should be available for download within the week.

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Just a quick update - because our old host went down, the new website for Project Nelson is Cheers!

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Hey guys! Only just decided to set up a Google+ page here. Stay tuned for more news!
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