Feature idea: no decay for inner portals.
Background: What I like most about Ingress is creating and maintaining large areas of connected control fields. However, I spend most of the time recharging my decaying portals, which feels sort of pointless. Therefore, I suggest to reduce decay for inner portals. Or to be more precise: to let decay depend on how exposed a portal is to the outside, as illustrated in the attached image.
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I agree I wish there was a option to reduce decay.... I was thinking a Mod to achieve that. Remote area players tend to level up by capping and letting portals decay and rebuilding each week so... I'm not a fan of your idea  :-)
Lou Young
I think the control fields should influence more. I think that portals inside a friendly control field should be harder to attack and portals inside an enemy control field should be easier to attack. Decay ideas are good too.
I would suggest decreased decay, increased defense, non capturable portals and increased production.
All multiplied by the MU count :)

Currently the fields have no significance apart from no link ability,that too for self.

And why not AP based on MU's captured??  
Less decay okay, no decay is just not a good idea though.
Less decay for any portals only serves to make this game easier. Not cool with me. Like with everything in this game you have to think first before doing something. If you want to have a 20portal farm you better either get some mates to help you recharge or make a profession out of XM farming.
The implicatio Karen is to make the fields contribute to something. Global MU counts... Big deal there is not tangiable bonus for setting up a field other than bragging rights.
.....and the Agent Stats screen..... What are the tangibles for playing this game...or any game?
Links have a block effect to other links - bonus of disruption via tactical means

Resonators allow portals to be linked, higher levels allow better gear.

Fields give you stats and the 'fog'. Added attack/defense bonus under friendly fields would be nice or reduced burnout or MH effect on portals.

Now saying that it was nice the way they worked in the Global MU to 13magnus as it meant even if you weren't near an anomaly being able to contribute to the win from anywhere was a great idea.
Picture an enemy strong hold of a farm, if you can cover it with one layer field the losses 5% mitigation or HP, 3 layers 10%, 6 layers 15% (up to a point) it creates a tactical advantage to field the enemy farm.
Yeah, if it ever got implemented then some other will whine the portal is getting too hard to take over and proposing new idea to make it easier and so on and so forth...

Me say, get out there and play guys!
+Shinte Galeshka was plenty of moaning when links started providing mitigation. It went away quick enough. Anyone can simply switch to 2g these days and stack a tonne of bursters up and fire them in stacks negating pretty much any chance to recharge anything, since that doesn't look like it'll get fixed or is going to instead be considered a "feature" then I am proposing to make use of the field mechanic for something other than just stats.
I had this idea awhile ago back in February, but on a more expanded level.

For instance Portals inside the field would still face decay, but a decreased decay of 8% instead of 15% per day.

For portals of the opposite faction in the same field (blue portals in green fields or vice-versa) Decay will INCREASE on the opposite portals in the fields from 15% to 20% per day. This would make control fields extremely strategic when dealing with enemy farms and strong holds. It will also make fields a very useful system rather than for just MU.
Bad idea.. The playing field is supposed to have neutral portals, this would make everything one colour or another. 
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