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I truly empathize with Virginia Woolf's sentiment that a woman needs a "room of her own". I took two weeks at the end of the year to complete my masters thesis and I did it by being shut up in my bedroom alone. Leaving the house only to forage for food, I spent the time surrounded by books, essays, and notepads.

The idea had been born almost 3 years ago and it lived in my head the entire time. I read at least 20 books of supporting evidence, incorporated essays of literature criticism that I had collected over the year, and had my own train scribbles from my brief moments of clarity during my commute. Each time I explained my idea, it mutated, gained clarity, and transformed itself within my brain cells.

The time had come to release it but I found that it was stubborn. That beautiful thought that I had spent so many years perfecting, now did not want to give up it's place as the most beautiful thing in my intellectual life. It did not want to stop consuming me, and it feared that if my obsession ended then it would cease to exist and lose its lifeforce.  

It was a battle. One that I'm not sure I won. When I pressed send, I felt a great release in my psyche. Although I know I will need to make a lot of revisions and I have to add a lot more material, my wonderful observations are finally on paper. And they live stronger now. I think midway through, this is what made it easier. The more I wrote, the more she grew and she began to like it.
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Margaret DJ Diva Cook

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The Life of a Blogger: Merry-Go-Round

You know that joy of riding on something shiny and glimmering, rising up with butterflies in your stomach and descending with the same jittery feeling? Music blasting, unfamiliar but sweet sounding to the ear. And of course that shiny brass ring. If you could grab it then maybe you could get more rides on the beautiful unicorn of your choice. Inevitably the movements stop, the music ends and the man is waving you off as you cling to the gold striped pole, hoping that for at least once, he would have pity on you and allow you to experience those magical feelings for just a little while longer.

I have kept a private personal blog in the three years since I left my exhusband. I needed to heal and examine all parts of my emotional life. I was brutally honest, the same way I was on djdiva.blogspot 6/7 years ago when I chronicled my single life after the breakup with my soulmate. I had more freedom then, the anonymity and the newness of it all allowed me to transcribe genuine thoughts and situations.
This time around, my musings are protected under a triple layer of passwords and hidden posts.

One of the things I learned from my blogspot blog was to pay attention to my patterns. I have a tendency to repeat certain things during certain seasons. With my new personal blog I took this introspection and developed it further by integrating astrology thereby enhancing the lessons I needed to learn. I've also ascertained that I'm not the only one with patterns.

The old saying goes "When you know better, you'll do better." It's time for me to be strong now in order to break the cycle. I'm going to get off the plastic horse they painted to look like a mythical creature, I'm going to stop reaching for the unattainable, I'm going to wipe the glitter off my hands, and I'm going to exit this ride gracefully and while I still have my dignity.

Some of those other rides look fun too.
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I be needing your link again, chica.
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Margaret DJ Diva Cook

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Daddy: Six Years Later

The day that my father died is tomorrow. Hard to believe this day is here already. The year flies by and then it's here again. I wondered if I would feel that familiar descent into sadness, that spiral back into the five stages of grief, that dark place where I think only of what I could have done better.

Surprisingly, I am experiencing none of those things. Instead of crying, I find myself thinking and smiling about all of the things me and my Daddy did together. I was a lucky girl. My Daddy broadened my horizons and gave me more encouragement than a book of hymns. He spent TIME with me. He LOVED me. He liked who I was as a person and that was because I am a carbon copy of himself.

And that makes me smile even more. I know he's proud of me. He was before he left this world and I know somewhere his essence still is. I might still cry this week, his birthday falls 4 days after his passing date, so I can't promise that I won't become sad. But I can feel a difference and I know that I am healing from the greatest loss in my life.
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Margaret DJ Diva Cook

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"Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. It is a seeking that he who wishes may know the cosmic secrets of the world and they that dwell therein." -Zora Neale Hurston
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The Life of a Blogger Part 1 (2004)

Blogging has provided me with a form of therapy for the last nine years. I can still remember the simultaneous hesitation and eagerness that I felt when I sat before my big Dell desktop and wondered what should be my first post. What did I want the world to know about me? What kinds of things would I talk about? The ability to be anonymous had great appeal and I felt as if I could express myself more fully than I ever had in my entire life. I had only one reader who happened to be the one who suggested I get a blog in the first place. I dedicated my first post to him. Sadly, he left my life 3 days after my blog was started....but comments last forever do they not?

Alone in a new world, I began to write about the things that I would have been talking to him about. Politics, sports, comedy, music and then back to the same. I blogged as if I was talking to him. Inserting facts with jokes, my dry humor only visible to me because with no comments from other people, I was really only talking to myself. And that was ok. Because it was mine. I could write it just how I wanted and although my proofreading wasn't perfect, I was cementing my own thoughts in my own way.  I had a voice and finally I was using it. That voice wasn't the nicest form of speech either. As I read back my own words, I cringe a bit.

This leads me to question the idea of assembling my own 10 year blogging memoir. After reading those first 2 months of 2004 , I wonder if I should release those inflammatory things I thought and expressed. Maybe that's my healing too. I have come a long way in 9 years. I probably wouldn't recognize myself if you had given me a future picture of my personality.
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Oh the Vox much fun. Many of us met there. 
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I need to write more...I need to blog more....I need to mix more...I need to live more...just some observations about my personal to-do list..
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Margaret DJ Diva Cook

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I was feeling guilty about taking a sick day, although I had back spasms because of some physical work I did last night, my heart always lies with my responsibilities. But then the super knocked on the door. The apartment below was experiencing a leak that they thought was coming from the kitchen. It was not there. It was from my bedroom radiator which was leaking water over ALL the surge protectors hooking up to my laptop, TV, router, etc. God is good yall....I don't feel guilty anymore..
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Writing this statement of purpose for a PhD program is going to take some more inspiration... I have just the mixtape for that ;)
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I wonder if I should use my Google + like my old blogspot page and just write and post whatever is on my mind...personal, music school related ...just everything..
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Once a week. I'd enjoy the ride!
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“Your Favorite Blogger’s, Favorite DJ”:

DJ Diva is an internet DJ who works with websites, bloggers, and individuals to create tailored mixtapes for exclusive and particular needs. An avid clubhead, DJ Diva has been spinning Old School, R&B and HipHop music in bars, lounges and various parties since 2000. Starting in 2007, she became the first female DJ to create a regular weekly R&B podcast on the internet entitled the “Monday Mixtape”., her website, contains over 300 mixtapes which receive continual hits. Her specialty is Old School music from the 80’s and 90’s, and she also explores other genres of music, yet her insight for future classics is uncontested! She was professionally trained in 2008 at the renowned Scratch Academy, where she earned the respect of her instructors and her peers for her unique ear and playlist arrangement.

What makes her an expert in the assembly of exceptionally specialized mixtapes?  One listener said it best:

When you tailor a mix, you do it with emotion. You make the listener feel each song of the mix and you do it with grace and expertise. Whatever mix I pick up to hear, the title and the song choices will transport me to that picture you are creating. You are an artist, but it's like you paint with song placement.”

DJ Diva has become a favorite DJ of, and has worked with, many of your favorite Bloggers such as Afrobella, DearZette, Inkcognegro, The Soul Reservoir, The Black Tech Report, Tee Erika Patterson, Music Looks Like This, and the Kitchen Rebel.

When Jimi Izreal wrote his book “The Denzel Principle”, he hired DJ Diva to produce 2 mixtapes for social media promotion. These mixtapes were record breaking and distinctive due to the banging jams and Jimi’s provocative spoken excerpts, laid over relevant and enjoyable instrumental beats. This was also the first time an author had worked with a DJ for such a distinctive venture.

DJ Diva has also done personalized mixtapes for award winning and well known websites such as: A 12 week contract to do exclusive mixes for their Unsung Series in 2011 Website Re-launch – Neo Soul Groove Mix 2011 DJ Diva was made their first female mixologist in 2010 Art of Seduction in 2010 Caress Girls’ Nite Out Exclusive Mix in 2010

The Soul Reservoir: Best of 2010 R&B Mix

DJ Diva is the First Lady of the MPC (Music Podcast Consortium), which is the elite group of music podcasters across the net and spanning the globe. She was instrumental in the conception and one of the founding members of the Cupid’s Hunt Project in 2008.  The Cupid’s Hunt Project is a Valentine’s Day gift of music from members of the MPC and others. DJ Diva has added a special themed mixtape to the project each year, as well as promoted others who have participated by using specialized drops throughout the mixes to promote recognition of the mission.

For the last two years she has participated in the BART, which is best known as the Best Albums Roundtable, where podcasters, bloggers, and music producers discuss the best music issued throughout the year, and talk about what may be arriving in the near future. With her exceptional canniness, DJ Diva has now been acclaimed as the “Miss Cleo” of R&B, because of her psychic ability to predict trends and outcomes in R&B and urban music.

DJ Diva continues to pay homage to the music from the past with her mixes and she also keeps her ear to the ground for those hit singles that will last all through time. If you would like to engage DJ Diva for a project, please email:

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