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Yoshua Daely
General Manager The Kampung Ubud Villa
General Manager The Kampung Ubud Villa

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Hi everyone due to a small issue with some people not being able to see the event. I have created a new event. Do not worry everyone will be directed to the correct event. We are so excited for tonight!

Christmas Party Hangout with Some of Your Favorite Google Plus Socialites. We will be giving away a bunch of prizes to the audience and dishing on Social Media Secrets.

-We will be giving away an Acer Chromebook and plenty of amazing prizes including.
-The 7  Pillars Book by Michael Q Todd
-Miessence organic products from Yoriko Todd
-Google Plus Overlays or Cover Image by Anabell Hilarski
-$100 of Ads on the Edge AdExchange and one hour consultation with Ralf kaiser, Michael Drouillard and Randy Hilarski setting up an amazing campaign.
-Two Memberships to Plus Mastermind by Scott Buehler and Billy Funk
-20% discount and a free month of service to Steady Demand by Ben Fisher with code announced on the show. HOHOHO
-Book Marketing Tools is giving away Two 1-year "Few Books" subscriptions from Book Marketing Tools valued @$600. 
Here is the link with the information from +Shawn Manaher
-1 Million Eave Empire Ave Missions by Chadwick Halse, Michael Q Todd and Craig Chamberlin.
-Vemma Energy Drinks* from Billy Funk

Craft Star is really stepping up!
Win a Craft Star wall mounted sign.
Set of #BatCrapCrazy  Wine Glasses in honor of Mia Voss courtesy of Craft Star member Jeff Huiras.


Confirmed Guests

+Michael Q Todd 
+Randy Hilarski   
+Mia Voss    
+Yoriko Todd 
+Anabell Hilarski  
+Lany Sullivan   
+Scott Buehler    
+Chadwick Halse   
+David Oldenburg   
+Billy Funk  
+Craig Chamberlin  
+Rebekah Radice

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Hi and welcome  this is #MegaBall #2.

Over 1000 unique public shares already.  The second best of all time. Will eventually  become the best.

Please share to be considered for next week`s #MegaBall  #5.

#MegaBall #4 is rolling now. The link is here 
THIS is going to be promoted like no other circle in Google+ history.

Look out for lots of great new followers if you have been included.
Number one was a massive success with over 430 sharers so far.
By far the most popular circle of the week on Circle Count.
#Megaball  #2 has exceeded that and by a long way. May even double it.

I really believe that this is the age of connection and that by sharing this you are contributing.
To be included in #MegaBall #3 next week you will probably have given it plus 1 and shared this circle publicly at least once. 
You will also probably have engaged in some way on some other content by me during the week. Sharing or commenting. 

I have written about the #MegaBall  here at and will update the post during the week to record engagement on this one.
Let us make this rock. Is 1000 shares possible? I think so.
Link to share
Thank you

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THIS WILL BE A MONSTER SHARE! The First Snowballcircle. Time to rock the gplus community!Thx to my man +Mike Pachulski  and +Chris Cota  #Thesnowballcircle Keep this simple! 1. ADD the circle 2 Share the post 3. Plus the post. 4. Comment to be added. BAM that is all easy right!? My #UDEMY course will be here #circleshare #circlesharing #sharedpubliccircles #snowballcircle #hyberballcircle #publicsharedcircles  

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FilterPave recycled glass pavement featured at Nebraska's first +Hy-Vee  in Plattsmouth, NE.

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America’s #greenest home, a 5,600-square-foot, #netzero #home, isn’t short on high-tech goodies. #realestate via @ce_pro
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