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Ellen Stokes
aka SciFiHorrorFem on FB & Twitter!
aka SciFiHorrorFem on FB & Twitter!
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Happy Birthday to Richard Dean Anderson! Giving us MacGyver, Jack O'Neil (forgive me if I misspell it, but I can never remember how many L's LOL!) and much more for several decades, we salute you!

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Just saw this on Twitter a few minutes ago!@DarkShadowsNews Dark Shadows News #DarkShadows: The Complete Series DVD box set announced plus new compilation releases for April:

Who's been up since a little after 4:30 am, wherever you are? LOL! It's now 6:15 am. Good Morning!

Going offline early 2nite. My SO is feeling a bit bad. Pulled his back overdoing it with kettlebells I'd say or our crappy mattress maybe? Every1 have a GR8 nite. Gonna watch some dvds, then SUPERNATURAL, then more dvds, I'd say... Nite!

Signing off soon and shutting things down a little at a time. Everyone have a great evening! See you tomorrow, even if I'm no more talkative than today LOL!

Switching to laptop computer, doing chores, etc., in preparation of 50MPH winds, squall line heading this way. Due here about 1:30 pm. Thunderstorms, heavy rain expected. Stay safe, warm and dry all!

Found out an old school friend thought I was dead till I contacted him on Facebook... Lovely way to start the day! LOL! Wakey, WAKEY! all u plussers! Been up over an hr. Opened up G+, FB, Twitter, favorite weather website, have email dl'ing. Still not awake though LOL! but at least I'm alive... I THINK??? LOL!

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I had to choose a new user name on a site I'd already registered for with SciFiHorrorFem, but I couldn't remember which email addy I'd used for it, so I made this one up LOL! It's descriptive in the same way as Fem... I'm a Bat-tleaxe LOL!

Nite, everyone! May you enjoy a good movie, tv show or book on this cold, wintery night... See you online tomorrow!

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Go read my blog today for lots of giveaways! FREE is good! LOL! Last day!
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