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For so long, history has said, all that begins must come to an end. But life is for living not dying, so find a way, to put a smile on your face everyday! Doo di dit di dit di doot do dooooo......
For so long, history has said, all that begins must come to an end. But life is for living not dying, so find a way, to put a smile on your face everyday! Doo di dit di dit di doot do dooooo......

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Are we sick of google listing other (sensis group) directories when doing a business search? If I wanted to search yellow pages I would have google yellow pages!

And yellow pages uses blackhat seo like adding fake suburbs for some of their clients listing the same nation wide phone number in these fake location and even when the client doesn't actually have a local franchise in that area yet.

Not cool.

Pagespeed insights score of 100% lowered my client's ranking. Reversed the changes and rankings went back up!

On another note, it is very strange that such poor ranking sites can rank so well.

Hi there.

I have been so far from here. Its good to feel you with me, it's been a long long time.

Hasn't it?

Well, I am back again and have already been honing my skills and venturing back out into the wild SEO landscape with some very pleasing results for some.

If you've a small biz and want some assistance, drop a line.

Flying Drone Technology is pretty scary. Especially the mini "hive" sort.

News Flash: Governments collaborate removing local drug addiction with their first secret mission by sending in drones sporting weed killer [loaded with Monsanto branded "Roundup"] and repeatedly spray all global heroin making crops (located via satellite photos) months before harvest time. Farmers compensated and subsidized to grow food crops instead. Governments save billions on health care and give workers a pay rise. Junkies go cold turkey in despair and get real jobs. Crime stats plummet. Families re-unite and world becomes a happier place.

I guess that's not their motive in designing these things.

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I like to watch the occasional Documentary on our TV [which is a laptop connected to the internet]..

Anyway, I nearly fell off my chair!

After a couple of decades on the planet, you can see and smell something is not right with the way money is channeled across the globe, by that time, most of us are too old to even know where to begin to sort it out. But this lady in right on the money and is well enough connected to actually start a needed correction now.

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Website Administration Services can now Help or Host and Manage your Website. If you need or want a technical boost to your online presence, this is an excellent deal. Especially for small static business sites, we can boost your visibility to page one Google [and also in the not so important Bing] Search engines. Yes, with free ongoing SEO and help with any changes you might want. Just $9.95 a month and includes paying your domain name [for .com] etc. See for more data.

Wow, that's an awesome deal!

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Very, very cool. And I am right back into 1982! This is an excellent acoustic version of this song. I bought the original single, and my bassist friend [Bickie] bought the album, which from memory was well worth wearing out the vinyl out on. So many good bands around but so much junk on the airwaves and in the record shops. The era when you were told what to listen to.But a few good ones snuck in through the gaps like Psychedelic Furs (and of course, Magazine).

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So you finally get a website and wonder why the dollars aren't magically rolling in? So then you read all this spam email about paying an seo $100 or more a month to make your site popular and it still doesnt work. Then you get told that you need to be targeting more keywords and so you start paying double. And still you wonder why your website isn't magically making money. So then you get told about conversions and up your monthly bill goes again. This is the action of someone who didnt hire me to get their site going. So, if this is your experience of being online, give me a buzz and I should be able to instantly help you drop your ongoing price for maintaining fame. But even still, at the end of the day, ask yourself, "Are you shopping online and using the services that other small businesses offer?" When the average person starts to really use the internet for product shopping, the cash will fall out of the pockets of those that hoard dollars for no good reason and into communities around you [yes, commercial realestate will drop like a hot potato and shopping malls even emptier than they are now].p.s. I only offer my services to small business. I enjoy making big business paying even more than they are now in their attempt to corrupt the internet.

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