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Discipline problems and a way to handle them.
This article “ HAND-OVER-HAND
TECHNIQUE” came across my FB feed this morning. Brought back
memories of all my daycare years. This is the start of my fourth year of “retirement”.
Some days I miss having little ones around with all their fun antics and

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Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday
In Poland and Polish communities in the United
States, such as in the Midwest, Mardi Gas is called “Fat Tuesday”. In
some areas it is also called Paczki Day," referring to the dense puffy
jelly-filled doughnuts. As I look back on my childhood in a definite ...

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Love it? or hate it?
How is the new Year going for you? so far so good here in Iowa. Luckily we have dodged a few snowstorms. We have had about 5 inches of snow so far. Three just the other day. I know there is a lot of winter left but I sure hope our lucks holds out. I use to ...

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For once they were right. Dang.
What a night. We have had freezing drizzle and now freezing rain since early evening. So far so good. We haven't lost power. If that doesn't happen we will have it made. We went grocery shopping last week so we  have plenty of bread, milk etc. The forecaste...

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Happy 2017

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Need a little something for a teacher? A gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers would be appreciated by most. WOW!!!!. Six $50 gift cards! That’s $300. You can enter multiple times. Click on the link below to enter. Jolly Good Deals Week Do a little daydreaming...

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Family Christmas traditions. Do you still follow them?
I have a cousin who posts blog style posts, almost daily, on
Facebook. I look forward to her posts. Her style of writing is just like the
way friends would visit over coffee. Just everyday musings. How her night went,
her plans for the day, the weather etc....

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Less Stressful Christmas
This article got me thinking about how Christmas can be so stressful
for a lot of us. I have always tried to get the Christmas shopping done early.
I found that once that is done the rest can be fun or at least not so stressful.
I use to shop by phone or ma...

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We do our best.
I found this article so true. I think all of us have had doubts about our parenting from time to time. And even yet, we look back and wonder if we could have or should have done things different. "Chances are you are probably sitting in a house thinking tha...

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TUESDAY SALE! Dec 28 & 29. Shop till you drop from the comfort of your
home. Start the Christmas season with No Prep/Low Prep Printables for your
students, saving you time and money. 10% off all my products-Cut and Paste,
File Folder Games, F...
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