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Retirement is no longer a three-legged stool
When preparing clients for retirement
in the early years of my career, I would often introduce the concept of
viewing retirement as a three-legged stool. The three legs were
represented by the client’s personal savings, his or her pension plan
and, of c...

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Ken takes a coffee break. That was then. This is now.
I recently stopped at a local fast
food restaurant to pick up a coffee and noticed a help wanted poster in
the window.  It stated that the job paid $9.50 per hour, substantially
below the $15 per hour being sought by a number of minimum wage
crusaders. ...

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Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day
What can you say about Valentine’s
Day?  Hallelujah, if you’re a florist or jeweler, or own a restaurant,
candy store or card shop. You’ve just had one of your busiest and most
profitable weeks of the year.  In my opinion, the hype surrounding

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The upside of the market downslide
question, the investment world is down significantly since the
beginning of the year.  And while there certainly is some cause for
concern, I believe the situation also presents some opportunities. Looking at the big picture,
I’m concerned that ...

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What in the world is going on?
all due respect to the month of January, I’m glad it’s over. I’ve often
mentioned that long-term investors frequently need to climb a wall of
worry.  Unfortunately, the current wall appears to be a bit taller than
many anticipated. In
today’s worl...

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How to be certain in uncertain times
The new year has not been kind to investors. In fact, to put it
bluntly, it’s been downright brutal from the very start. The only bright
spot is that we know what fueled the sudden downturn. Just take a look
at what’s going on around the world. There wer...

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Is your investment portfolio out of control?
From my perspective, time is moving at the speed of light. I’m
continually reminded that we cannot control time. We can only manage it.
To a certain degree, the same principle applies to investing. You can’t
dictate your results; you can only manage your...

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Do you have the patience to be wealthy? Success takes more than wishing
I’m always amazed at how busy the gym is at the beginning of a new
year. I doubt this year will be an exception. The locker room will
almost certainly be packed, but by mid February the crowd will be back
to normal. Everybody wants to be fit, healthy and...

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The difference between a gift and a loan
Like many of you, I’m looking forward to spending time and catching
up with family members I haven’t seen very often during the year. With
all the disastrous world events and the never-dull political season
heating up, I’m certain there will be some inte...

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A healthy dose of technology provides peace of mind
By no means am I a technology expert. In fact, I’m often kiddingly
ridiculed at the office for my lack of expertise. Recently, when I had
an issue with an Excel spreadsheet, I contacted one of my sons to guide
me through the problem. I remember spending ...
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