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Debi Jones
Outspoken small town city girl who loves learning and voicing my opinions!
Outspoken small town city girl who loves learning and voicing my opinions!


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Don't stop to pee anywhere near a runaway truck ramp!!!

I thought people knew this, but after witnessing a guy right in front of one, apparently I was wrong!

So I'm offering this (and a few more) tips to help you survive around big trucks (or even small ones).... just in case you hadn't thought about it!! 😊😋😅

#truckergirl #thelifeyousavemaybeyourown
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Finally went in for the #Colonoscopy my doctor's been wanting and the results came back great. But given the after effects, they'll be hard put to get me back in for another one in 10 years!
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I thought @McAfee was great when it alerted me that my blog had been hacked.

But now, everything's been fixed and they're still warning about maliciousness. I've disputed, sent emails, and set up an account to post a ticket but can't get into it.

I'm out of ideas...
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Hey there gang! Loving the pics of your special fuzzies!

I just realized that I'd missed several posts that the system flagged as spam that shouldn't have been. So if you've posted and your pics or videos didn't display, chances are they're there now. I think the oldest one was from mid-October... everything else had been going thru without issues.

My apologies for not catching this sooner!! I'm SO looking forward to everyone's holiday pics too!!


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Looks like the Legalize Ferrets organization in California is making a bit more headway. Let's hope that 2016 is the year!!

For those of you in California, they're looking for people who can help get petitions signed. Even if you only get your friends to sign it, every signature helps!! So please, check out the link and have them get a petition to you will ya!? :)

Also, because what they do obviously requires funding, they put out a Ferret Calendar every year that you can buy. Calendars are at the printer right now and should be available some time next week. 

So if you use wall calendars like me, please consider purchasing one when they come out. It's a fantastic cause to support. There is NO reason for ferret owners to have to continue to hide their fuzzies and worry about their safety!!!

Hey there. I appreciate the invitation. A bit of info about why I'm here...

Left computer programming in 1999. Was one of 13 people who started a direct sales network marketing business (Personal Development Industry). Became a top income earner & a part of the Leadership Council.

Walked away from that in 2004 due to integrity changes in leadership.

Spent several years looking for alternative methods to rebuild my income while supporting others... something I would have more control over as far as who I worked with and what the core values would be.

Currently working on my own blog, growing an audience and an income slowly but surely. The goal is to assist as many people as I can in getting what they want, whole being true to myself and my personal ethics.

I know if I do that, the income well grow and I'll get back to (and surpass) what I was doing before.

I look forward to getting to know you and your other group members!

I just wanted to thank all of you who have joined this community and openly share your photos and videos of your fuzzies. 

Since I lost my last one, Zeus, nearly 2 years ago, I've SOOOO missed having a fuzzy around to make me laugh. 

I've been considering getting another (finally), but I'm not quite prepared or in the position I want to be in to train a kit. So, for the moment, I live vicariously through YOUR beautiful family members!!

So again, thank you for sharing!

So is the #AZMVD the only state agency making out easier for people to steal our identities, or are other states now mailing licenses out too?
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Salt & Pepper Pistachios... someone just woke up one day & thought "How can we ruin a perfectly good nut?" WTH it's like eating pistachio shaped peppercorns!

If you happen to like them please, explain the appeal!
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Anthony TX McDonald's... 20 piece nuggets + 4 sauces, no hassles. Seems Tempe, AZ McDonald's is the only one that lacks common sense service!
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