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David Louis Edelman
Science Fiction Writer, Author of "Infoquake," "MultiReal," and "Geosynchron"
Science Fiction Writer, Author of "Infoquake," "MultiReal," and "Geosynchron"

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Another article about biotechnology doesn't mention I PREDICTED THIS IN DETAIL 8 YEARS AGO. #nahnotbitter #okalittle

Dear almost everyone who's tweeted about #MichaelBrown, on both sides: you know you're not actually helping, don't you?

Here's an easy test, evangelical conservatives. Do you look like your parents? Great. Do you look EXACTLY like your parents? No? Terrific, then you believe in evolution. Case closed. DONE.

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This is officially the coolest thing EVER. That is all. #StarWarsHigh

I can't even muster enough energy these days to make snarky tweets about how I don't give a fuck.

My Galaxy S5 just auto-corrected "mofo" to "Monfort." Short for... monther forter?

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In the "INFOQUAKE-meets-life" dept.: you can now buy Islander programming rings. (H/T Don Cullen)

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In case anyone wondered what that climactic scene in #Infoquake looked like: (Thanks, Joe Cha!)

It's bad enough to call a company and get put on hold. But now they call ME and put me on hold. Seriously, I answer the phone and am instantly told to wait for the next representative. WTF?

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