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Drew Olson
Worked at a place downtown!
Attended Dunwoody College of Technology
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  • a place downtown!
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Bloomington, MN
  • Dunwoody College of Technology
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Boot-knee Lee Curtis
Club, equipment, facilities and amenities, 5 star. If this were a big Snap Fitness, I'd be in heaven. I'm rating the approach. When I signed up, I expected the sales approach and I took the 'act now' deal because it secured me 19.99 for as long as I maintain it, which is phenomenal. That's pretty much 5 bucks higher than Snap for a full-blown gym. Then came the training representative Nick. I was interested in weight training and he sure had the know-how and expertise for this, so I was willing to listen, but the sales approach was laid on overly-thick and not needed. I was told how his cousin was the GM at another branch that was having a big ol' sale on training right now and he jumped on the phone to secure a deal for me, how he was going to take me under his wing and I'd be his 'protege', promised extra training that was 'off the books', etc. Again, my eyes were on the deal, I didn't need to be sold and really didn't need the dishonesty. He then signed me up. When I asked about the payments he gave me a buzz-word spiel and basically said it's a 'monthly payment process'. AT NO POINT WAS I TOLD I WAS SIGNING A YEAR CONTRACT FOR TRAINING! If they have other options, they weren't discussed with me and I was shoved into that. He avidly avoided explaining things when I asked, re-routing me whenever he could. Shame on me for not being more assertive since I found out about this contract after what happened next. The first month was fine. Then I came in for a verbally-agreed on time for training, one of the 'freebies'. He wasn't there. I figured I'd just missed him or something else came up, and since he was the training staff lead, I could forgive that. Then it happened again. By the 3rd week I approached the front desks and asked the few staff that were sitting around where Nick was, if he'd been out sick or on vacation or something... They said, "Oh he doesn't work here anymore. He got promoted and now he's over at the Burnsville club in sales." I was pissed. I told them I wanted to cancel. One of them responded, "Well sorry you can't do that, you'd have to pay off half of your remaining sessions in your contract." This amounted to about 795 dollars. I told them I thought I was paying month-to-month since that's how Nick structured his responses to me. They re-iterated the month-to-month *contract and had an attitude of Too Bad So Sad and then proceeded to tell me I could continue with any of the other trainers by signing up for their time on the website. !!! This would garner a 1 star from me and a rage session to corporate, but fortunately one of their staff, Joe, who seemed to have taken over the lead spot after Nick was gone saw what was building up and did step up to the plate to do everything he could for me at that point. For that, I'm bumping my review of the staff up to 2. I ended up saving my sessions until the end of my contract so I could use them in rapid succession but during that time the other couple trainers that always seemed to be working the weight floor disappeared and all that was left were aerobics trainer guys. Not really what I wanted, although the guy knew what he was doing. The breakaway is this: 1. Their deal that is "only happening this weekend" is actually "only happening when you sign up", so jump on it if you want it 2. Their payment process for training will not be well-explained to you, so say up front, "I don't want any year-long contracts, what other options do you have?" I should have been more assertive here 3. The training staff will pigeon-hole you to the aerobics nook by the front door most of the time, unless you make them get out on the weight floor where they seem to feel uncomfortable (this was actually told to me by one of the trainers, the he's "not really that guy") Hopefully this helps. Sales tactics that screw a customer will always come back to bite.
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I'd have to say that the 1 star reviews were given by people who were expecting one thing and only went once when perhaps they weren't on their game for that day. I live down the street from this place and go there ALL the time, and I can say, they have their 3-star days, their 4-star days, their 5 star days and once they had a 1-star day if I were the type of person who rates based on one single experience. Yes sometimes their dinner buffet is so busy that they have problems keeping up, so it can get empty, which is why there are better times to show up there for dinner than others. But the quality always seems to be good, it certainly doesn't have a chance to sit around! And I'm not sure what people are comparing the chinese buffet part against by saying it's horrible. IT'S JUST LIKE ALL THE REST! Did they just come from a Vegas super-buffet or something? I'd say overall they're 4-star because my main focus in a buffet like this would be the sushi, and while it tastes good, the variety is a little low, and it doesn't seem to change ever. There are other places which are relatively cheaper due to the variety, they're just too far away for me to justify going to over this place. And the staff have always been nice when I go there, to me and from what I've witnessed, to everyone else. The only people I've seen them be like that towards are the super-snarky types who have their 1-star review in-hand as they walk through the front door. I dunno, perhaps... it's you? Just saying.
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Trying like mad to call these people, they say they're open according to their information online. 12:20pm and these people don't know how to answer their phone, either that or they're out of business, and I've called several times. Not good service, guys!
Food: Poor - FairDecor: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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