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A Magical Unicorn!
A Magical Unicorn!

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All talks from #PalWeb Summit are now live! Head over to YouTube and watch all of them!
All talks from the Palestine Web Summit are now available for you to watch on YouTube! Enjoy! #PalWeb

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Moar AMPs!
Google+ gets AMP’d

Fast Web pages rock, and we’re making Google+ an even better place to read great stories by adding support for Accelerated Mobile Pages ( Now when you browse G+ on the Web on your phone, look for the little lightning bolt icon to load articles up to 4x faster, using up to 10x less data. Enjoy, and stay tuned as we add support for more platforms and publishers in the near future.

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The new #GoogleWallet web app is here! A fast & free way to pay friends and family, even if they don’t have the Wallet app. Now, receive money instantly with only a debit card!

Whether you’re organizing a trip amongst friends or paying for a gift together this holiday, the new Google Wallet web app has you covered. Let us know what you think!
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Random #Nodejs tip:

Can't remember what a status code mean? In node:

http.STATUS_CODES['404'] => String of what 404 means

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⚡⚡A developer preview for AMP results being shown in more places on Google mobile search is launching today.

The implementation is basically:
<a href="{result.ampHref||result.canonicalHref}">

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AMPify your ads creative with A4A! 
But what about the ads???

AMP so far focused on content and only marginally improved the performance of ads. Until today.

AMP based Ads will
- be safe & behave well
- use much less bandwidth
- maximize battery life
- run at 60 frames per second

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It's official.. Edge team is implementing ServiceWorker!

In related news, Fetch API is in EdgeHTML 14:

... \o/

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+Rasha Khatib's favorite IO session is back for another this year #io16  
They just posted Speechless on the Google I/O schedule.

This sh*t just got very real.

Android developers: I hope to see you next week at the conference.
Everyone else: I don't know why you read this far.

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In which Microsoft shows the real reason Dinasours went extinct - pointy fingers

#HoloLens #Holograms
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