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Olivia R. Burton
Ⓥegan, writer, pseudo-hippy, cat lady, misanthrope.
Ⓥegan, writer, pseudo-hippy, cat lady, misanthrope.

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Learning German: Mnemonics (Lesson 1?)
My best friend and apparent life partner Cody wants to move to Germany with me and all our 974 cats at the end of next year and, while I'm not sure that's actually feasible so soon, I like the idea. Just in case my writing becomes so famous that I retire fr...

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Cold Feet update + Birthday trip pictures
Well, I obviously didn't make the May 1st deadline for Cold Feet's release. I've instead decided on the 10th (psst, you can pre-order the kindle here !), just so it's still available before I have my author event. I've finished all the edits and now I'm jus...

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Cover Reveal: Cold Feet
It's heeeeere! Gwen's third cover! I'm so excited to get this book out. It's probably my second favorite of Gwen's books, mainly because it involves a lot of what I love to write best for her: sniping. Gwen is an excellent sniper. Not... like, with guns or ...

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March Fatness LAST DAY!
Day 31 - Friday Motivation : I didn't die! Ate : Latte, tea, a few cans of coke. Moved : I ran a few errands, that's it. Felt : Still crappy. Etc : Leanne and I want to keep this going, though, not on the same wavelength as we've been doing now. I'll probab...

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March Fatness Days 29 & 30
Day 29 - Wednesday Motivation : middle finger emoji Ate : latte, tea. Moved : Nope. Felt : Terrible. Etc : Ugh. Gratuitous Cat Picture : They're sick of each other but neither is willing to vacate the heated bed. #catshenanigans A post shared by Via B. (@...

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March Fatness Days 27 & 28
Day 27 - Monday Motivation : None at this point, I'm in too much pain. Ate : Too much! We have pie in the house and then I ate almond butter cups because I just want tasty things that make me feel better. Moved : As little as possible. Felt : Horrrrible. Et...

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Sunday Check-in #4
Everything seems to be the same for all three of us. I haven't lost any weight, and Leanne says she's gained weight. Naomi hasn't gone back on her dechox pledge, and so things are about the same. Just five more days to go, though I don't think I'm going to ...

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March Fatness Days 25 & 26
Day 25 - Saturday Motivation : Whatevs? It's five days left, I think I can do this. Ate : homemade latte, Green machine smoothie, flackers and Treeline cheese, chickpea pancake, some wine, homemade Indian food Moved : I cleaned and ran errands and cooked so...

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March Fatness Days 23 & 24
Day 23 - Thursday Motivation : I look like a sausage. I wore one of my pants that I thought could stretch out a little and it was A HORRIBLE MISTAKE. Ate : Coconut latte, PB&J, saltines, 1 can of coke, 30oz of tea, 8oz water, tofu veg sandwich Moved : 40 mi...

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March Fatness Days 21 & 22
Day 21 - Tuesday Motivation : I was too tired to have motivation. Ate : Latte, veg sandwich, Indian food, PB&J, 60oz tea, 16oz water, giant salad Moved : I walk-jogged 2.5 miles. I forgot to take my inhaler this morning so I was a mess by about 1 minute in....
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