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Hey mate, awesome concept with your application. Thanks for having me on board for testing and even (by the looks of it) input towards future features.
I own a Galaxy S3 LTE I9305, its an unusual one so if it an app is going to spit out abnormalities it will throw them at mine :) don't you feel lucky now? haha jks. I will just keep track of anything that happens, take screen shots and log cats for you where needed. Other than that if there is anything else you require just let me know.


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Evidence attached! Accused Application/Developer.

- This app checks to make sure it has all the requirements it needs to perform its harm
- The App hides its methods to initiate
- It activities a hidden sms message to send to the maximum allowed recipients
- It hides all notification to the interface
- It attempts to execute
- It checks to make sure any popup windows generated by its actions do NOT display to the end user
- It then goes back and sweeps up after its self
- It checks to make sure it has not been detected (in which case it had....but all the while Logcat was running I couldn't see what was happening so I shut it down) only last week I started development on my own console app for logging ADB to stream both to the console and to a log file. I think I will finish that project off this week now 
- It checks that it has not been discovered
- It re-initiates again the same cycle....

See ADB Log outputs posted here:

Please share

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TO all the Android users out there in my circles, Try out the new TouchWave Keyboard. Those of you who are on Apple, I would suggest throwing your devices in the bin if they were not so expensive! Make your next device Android so you can have choice and freedom :)
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