Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 Time-lapse

We held four live public shows tonight; each with live images of Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 as it made its close approach to Earth.

This is a time-lapse made up of 100 of those images taken with the +Slooh Space Camera robotic telescope, showing the asteroid as a pinpoint of light as it moved against the streaking background stars.  Because of its close proximity to Earth, its apparent rate of speed changed rapidly, so adjustments had to be made to the telescope's pointing every few minutes.

We had already planned these events weeks beforehand - little did we know that another lump of space rock would burn up over Russia 12hrs before the asteroid's close pass, causing widespread damage and injury.  The events were not linked.

We discussed that and much else on the live shows - you can see recordings of the shows here:

Main Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 Show:
First Russian Meteor/Asteroid 2012 DA14 Show:
Second Russian Meteor/Asteroid 2012 DA14 Show:
Last Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 Final Show:

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