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Olivier De Groef
Oracle E-Business Suite Technical Consultant. G-Suite for education administrator at the local K-12 school.
Oracle E-Business Suite Technical Consultant. G-Suite for education administrator at the local K-12 school.

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Ik ben op zoek naar een script/addon/... dat reeds verstuurde mails opnieuw verstuurd. Het script zou mails (met een bepaalde prefix in het onderwerp) moeten herversturen vanuit de GMail mailbox.


+Romain Vialard and Peter Herrmann. I am in the process of building a GAS that upload sharedContacts into a GSuite for Education domain. Creating a sharedContact works but when I want to add emails, customfields, ... I get errors which aren't telling me much. Is it possible that one of you takes a 15min look at my script in order to tell me what I am doing wrong.

This is the part of the code (I dare not share the script as the script is running under the super account of the GSuite for Education domain):

function createSharedContacts() {
debug("Begin createSharedContacts");
var rangeDataValues = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getRange(dataA1notation).getValues();
var sharedContact;
var sharedContactCustomField;
var sharedContactEmailFieldMaster;
// loop trough all data, but process only the ones with a StudentNr
for (var i = 0; (i < rangeDataValues.length) && (rangeDataValues[i][0] != ""); i++) {
var rangeDataValueRow = rangeDataValues[i];
sharedContact = SharedContactsApp.createContact(rangeDataValueRow[1], rangeDataValueRow[2], "xx@yy.zz");
sharedContactCustomField = sharedContact.addCustomField("Stamnummer",rangeDataValueRow[0]);
sharedContactEmailFieldMaster = sharedContact.addEmail(ContactsApp.Field.HOME_EMAIL, rangeDataValueRow[8]);
debug("("+rangeDataValueRow[6]+") "+rangeDataValueRow[7]+", "+rangeDataValueRow[6]);
sharedContactEmailFieldMaster.setDisplayName("("+rangeDataValueRow[6]+") "+rangeDataValueRow[7]+", "+rangeDataValueRow[6]);
debug("Shared contact created: "+sharedContact.getId());
debug("End createSharedContacts");

Kind Regards
Olivier De Groef (a GSuite for Education Admin)

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Mijn dochter zou graag een kruiswoordraadsel maken en dit dan delen met haar klasgenoten via GSuite for Education - Classroom.

Ik heb enkele vragen hierover:
1) Kan je kruiswoordraadsels maken?
2) Heb je een externe app nodig, in het GSuite domein, om een kruiswoordraadsel te maken?
3) Kan een leerling, via Classroom, dit dan delen met de klasgenoten of moet dit via de leerkracht gaan.


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I am trying to call a google form from an apps script. I call the 'prefilled url ' of the form in such a way that I submit a response to the form. The url works, this I know because when I paste the URL in a browser the response get registered in the scheet.

My problem in my script is that I receive an http 401 response. Can somebody help me on how I need to make the UrlfetchApp.fetch call in order my response gets registered in the sheet.

PS: I have included an 'OAuth2'-library into my script. You can see the source of the library on github (see attached link)

I can share my script if you need to look at it.

At our school we are looking for software that can help use in managing our parents' evenings. The software should enable parents to take a timeslot and put the reservation into the calendar of the teacher. This way of working could help us to get rid of the papers going back an forth.

I am looking for software where parent can book an appointment with the teacher, but the software should work with slots that can only be reserved one time.

Any information on this is appreciated.

Kind Regards

At our school we have setup some discussion groups. These groups are used to share data on the Google Drive and to send mail to a group of users. When a users sent a mail to these group the mail is received by everyone belonging to the group. The problem is when user, who doesn't belong to group, sends a mail to the group he receives following error mail:

We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (group_name) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren't able to post...

Any body knows how to switch this of, because I don't want to add the user to the group.

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Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces in today’s #GoogleDoodle
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