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Fr. Giles Dimock, O.P. on Fr. Louis Bouyer, Cong. Orat.

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Marriage and the Word of the Father
When it comes to marriage, as to the rest of life, the Word of the Father does not offer us a fairytale, but a reason for our hope. He does not offer a happy ending in this life, but suffering and glory in the life to come- for He commands us to deny oursel...

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Paradoxes and Prayer
To enter deep into the mystery of prayer opens the heart to certain paradoxes. A humble cry of the heart knows blessings disguised in difficult poverty, meekness, sorrow, hunger, thirst, and persecution.  When such prayer is pure, merciful, and persevering ...

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The Word Made Flesh and the Wonder of Christmas
The wonder of the Nativity of the Lord, that holy silence that received the Word, evokes deep prayer. No human achievement, no technique, no method could ever achieve what is freely given during this Holy Season. Only humility can welcome the humility of Go...

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The Birth of Christ - a mystery for our hearts
"The Word of the Father constantly desires to be embodied" declared Saint Maximus the Confessor.   This is what Fr. Cantalamessa preached for Advent and his message lifts us up into the mystery of Christmas.  Christ born of the Virgin Mary in history now de...

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Christmas Trees and Prayer in Advent
In these last days of Advent, we decorate our Christmas Trees and light our wreathes. If we pray, the candles can remind us that the One who is above has come and is still coming down to dwell with us. He has descended from the heavens to enter into the pli...

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Saint John of the Cross - By Love Alone
Saint John of the Cross explored how all of creation was the fruit of the love shared by the Father and the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Father is the One who for Saint John completely delights in the Son. The Son is for him the One who adores t...

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Advent Visit to Colorado December 10 through 12
Something wonderful is happening in Colorado this Advent --- and I am excited to be part of it.  This wonderful new grace will be a life-changer for many, a new beginning for those who did not think such things were possible. Confident in this, I am setting...

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Thanksgiving and Forgiveness
Thanksgiving takes a kind of courage that comes from above.  This is because real thanksgiving is not limited to assenting to the fact that we owe God a debt of gratitude.  Nor is it a vague wish or sentimental feeling that we indulge.  It is not merely tol...

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Christian Contemplation and God's own Little Ones
Christian contemplative prayer is a prayer that "sees" but what it sees is sometimes painful. Earlier this weekend, Archbishop Gomez reminded us that there are whole families that are afraid of the future of these uncertain times, that there are even childr...
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