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Deploying JavaEE apps with TomEE and Docker
What will you see in this post? How to use CoreOS and Docker  to deploy  Apache TomEE  behind a  Nginx  proxy with multiple connected Docker containers. A brand new Apache TomEE version was released this week. We will commemorate this milestone (details in ...

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Two implementations of the same websocket application powered by TomEE (Java EE and Spring Framework)
Among the different ways to implement JVM based Enterprise Applications at our disposal today, two stand out in the crowd: Java EE and Spring Framework . We will implement the same chat application with both of them. This blog post won’t try point out which...

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Running your applications with TomEE plugin for Maven and Maven Profiles
This post shows: use case for TomEE Maven Plugin; use case for Maven Profiles how to start up multiple instances of TomEE with TomEE Maven Plugin; new sample application [ Launcher ] Do you want to see your programmers happy? You don’t need to come with par...

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Bookmarkable ExtJS application with BackboneJS
to implement a bookmarkable ExtJS application with BackboneJS Another
example of JavaEE  RESTful Web Services  with groovy and TomEE The JavaScript world has a lot of good frameworks. BackboneJS and ExtJS are examples of it. They are well known players ...
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