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Did you know 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity but we invest $211 billion in renewable energy every year. How can we get power to small villages and towns?
Watch and discover the New Energy Architecture Report 2012: Ensuring countries are prepared for the future.
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Getting this WEF group to spend 1 week in an "off-grid" village with just a 100 Watt solar panel and a car battery (est. cost US$ 350) will create the right mind set and sense of urgency.

To experience HOW much electrical energy actually can be produced with a US$ 350 investment in current tech is what's needed to get away from day-dreaming and produce actionable results.
sorry but to get the rest of the world on the GRID, you will need to get those people a voice AND have some sort of political AND economic power. Imagine all the countries that have "rainforest biomes" and if they decided to enclose their "resource" and have the people of the world to pay for their "natural service". It is no different that another countries "holding" the world hostage over OIL/FUEL.
Hopefully the United Nations' Millenium Devolopment Goals will help these 1.4 billion people still in absolute poverty...Unfortunately, the UN statistics that in 2010 at least half of them have escaped this miserable condition is unadulterated global propaganda, but the MDG's have made signifigant gains on many levels.
I think so you for this matter.
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