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"Big data has arrived. It is changing our lives and changing the way we do business."

The World Economic Forum's Global Information Technology Report 2014 - Rewards and Risks of Big Data is out today at 16.00 CET. As well as an in-depth look at today's biggest technology trends, it features the results of our Networked Readiness Index survey of 148 countries.
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A link to the report, perhaps ...
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As more and more Chinese companies go global, how can they combine the best of ancient Eastern philosophy with modern Western management styles? Tiger Shan, a senior adviser at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), on what the East can learn from the West - and vice versa.

Photo: Reuters
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You mean that they've stolen intellectual property and given competitive advantage in their country by their govt... And now they are leveraging that.
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"We're not getting women into leadership roles. Our decisions are based on gender, they're not based on equal opportunity. That's why we have to keep going. Our work's not done." Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In, on what it takes to help women thrive.
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Maravilloso! Absolutely marvelous!
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What are the long-term challenges for Ukraine's economic future?

Photo: Workers wash the windows of an office building in central Kiev. Reuters/Konstantin Chernichkin
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und, glaubt ihr jetzt in der Ukraine ist alles Besten,
Nein ist es nicht! die Ukraine besteht nicht nur aus einer Fensterfront und zwei hängenden Männern, ich geh davon aus, dass es kein Lügen -Foto ist.
Das ukrainische Volk braucht Hilfe, schaut euch doch einfach auf Google und "RET" um.
Europa braucht Hilfe und Russland braucht Verständnis und keine Anfeindung.
Russland möchte " Keinen " Krieg - die Menschen in Europa auch nicht.

Amerika die Nato und die EU .... möchten Krieg gegen Russland, ... das darf nie passieren.
Grund: " Dollar das Monopol "
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How do global leaders from Queen Rania of Jordan to United Nations committee members make decisions? Six ways their strategies can help you make better decisions at work:

Photo: Reuters/Muhammad Hamed
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The bureaucracy members don`t think about Our 6.500.000.000 who must work hard for our money..! You 350-500.000.000 members don`t know my millions of BIP friends..! Brothers In Peace..! And Obama and hes securety friends don`t know where I get my informations from my friends from HO HO HO..! Sincerely Love C.H.S. Construct. And co. (;-)*:::... Kakki. Secretary general.
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"Japan is back and thriving." Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shares his thoughts on trade, women's economic empowerment and US President Barack Obama's visit to Tokyo:
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What would make you change the way you shop?

Michael Kuhndt, director of the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production, on the latest trends in sustainable consumption.
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Having no money
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Today is International Earth Day. With more than half the world's population now living in cities, what can we do to make them greener? From electric cars to low-carbon lighting, find out about three ways to improve our cities - and planet.

Photo: Reuters/Toby Melville
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+kevin dolan Нарушать естественный ход вещей в природе, нельзя, ни в коем случае молодой человек! Разрушая среду обитания мы потеряем огромное количество животных и растений! И как следствие ускорим процесс вымирания и самих себя! Вы же изучали биологию на элементарном уровне в школе? Стыдно нам милый человек за вас! Я за то, чтоб все шло естественным путем! И как можно больше экологически чистых материалов! Это лишь мое мнение! Но я уверена особенно ГРИНПИС меня поддержит!  
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"Dire predictions for China have abounded for the last 30 years, and not one has materialized. Are today's really so different?" Yu Yongding takes on the China Bears:

Photo: Reuters/Carlos Barria
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The answer is no...
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"I believe we are currently experiencing the biggest fundamental change the world has seen since the initial development of the Internet as people, processes, data, and things become increasingly connected."
John Chambers, the chief executive officer of Cisco, introduces The Global Information Technology Report. It features the results of our Networked Readiness Index survey of 148 countries, and will be launched next Wednesday, 23 April. Read last year's report here:
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