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Ryan Camarillo
So high and so fly, Khush on your stereo!
So high and so fly, Khush on your stereo!

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back on Google+ still not as much people as in FB or maybe im just not looking hahahah

Last bit for the week: EXPSYCH!

TSF will be out of hiatus this friday! :D Watch out all! :D

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You're source of the freshest and the hottest underground news around the metro! like us on facebook and take a listen and khush guarantees you'll be jizzing! hahaha! So stop stereotyping and start stereofiling!

Post has attachment hey ya'll check out this podcast out! Its The Stereo File! Your source of the latest, freshest and hottest things from the underground scene of the metro! Download and listen cuz its time to stop stereotyping and its time to start stereofiling!

im so lonely..need people

Finally got google+!
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