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Nasir al-Din al-Tusi's 812th Birthday
Location: Bahrain, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait
#Telescope, #Science , #Globe , #Sciences , #Astrolabe , #Birthday , #Astronomy , #Beard
دنبال ایران هم نگردید

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We made some 'Happy Holiday Cards' to share with you this holiday season! Pass them along to friends and family by sharing this post and be sure to download the full high-resolution files...they make great wallpapers for your phone, tablet or desktop. Enjoy!
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استایلی خوب برای پلاس
برای دریافت این استایل می تونید به آدرس زیر برید:

برای استفاده از این استایل حتما باید افزونه Stylish رو روی مرورگرتون نصب داشته باشین.
خیلیاتون از افزونه Stylish برای تغییر استایل سایت های مختلف استفاده می کنید که اگر تا الان استفاده نکردید می تونید از آدرس های زیر دریافت کنید:
فایرفاکس :

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آراس‌اس خوب و کارامد برای پروفایل گوکل‌پلاستون
با آیدی گوگول وارد می شید و آدرس آراس‌استونو تحویل می گیرید
استفاده در وبلاگ و سایت
استفاده در فید خوان ها
این هم آراس‌اسِ من

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Today, more than a billion Muslims around the world begin to observe the holy month of Ramadan, fasting from dawn to sunset. This year, we’re giving some of the most venerable Ramadan traditions a digital twist—including a live stream on YouTube of the Islamic prayers from Mecca (see below), a new channel on YouTube for people to watch special television shows produced for the holiday anytime, and a series of Google+ Hangouts on topics related to Ramadan, from food to literature.

To get more info, read our blog post: and follow +Google Arabia for a schedule of all 30 Hangouts and other updates. 

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گچسر خودمون کم از این نداره
It’s Koninginnedag, or Queen’s Day, in the Netherlands today. We’ve done up our homepage there ( in orange, the country’s national color, and of course, gave a nod to its famous flower.

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شوخی جدید جستجو گر گوگل
حتما ببین

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لوتی گری گوگل در ترجمه
الان رویت شد

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روز زمین پاک
Happy #EarthDay! We're celebrating with a homegrown doodle on our homepage, and a resource page where you can explore community gardens and farmers’ markets, get discounted seeds and connect with other gardeners for planting tips and inspiration: More info on our Earth Day activities on our blog:

Visit to watch our doodle grow (we actually planted it on a balcony in Mountain View), and tell us what you're doing for #EarthDay in the comments.

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Today, a new version of the Google+ Android app is rolling out with a few exciting new features, including one of our top user requests: richer snippets of the stuff you share from web pages and other apps.

Now when you share a link from the web on your Android device, it will appear as a detailed, high quality blurb on your post. Check it out in the album below!

Other features to enjoy:

- Hashtag support in the Stream
- More bug fixes and performance improvements

Get the new app from Google Play here:

And as always, let us know what you think!

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