This is so true! I'm reminded of this every time I ask somebody if they've seen a movie that's currently out. I usually get the same answer every time; "No, I haven't had time." As if viewing a 1.5-2 hour movie engulfs this massive amount of time from your week. I usually tell them; really? You haven't had two hours of free time all month??? It's not like I went to the first showing on opening day and then asked you if you saw it, the movie has been out for a month. Bottom line is, you make time for what's important to you. So if you wanted to see the damn movie, you would have worked it into your busy month. There's absolutely no need for excuses. A simple "no" or "no I haven't seen the movie, I've had other priorities" will suffice. For some reason it really chaps my ass when people tell me they don't have time for things that just aren't time consuming. If you genuinely want to see a movie, but don't have time to sit down for a couple hours once a month, it sounds like you might have bigger problems and/or might just need a new life.

People really do wear "busy" like a crown to be admired and act like others should be impressed. I don't feel impressed, I feel pity and disgust.
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