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Molly Stenhouse
Meandering through life in a semi-nomadic existence.
Meandering through life in a semi-nomadic existence.

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Over dim sum with my housemate and his friend today with an acute awareness of the increasingly intense spasms in my lower back, I tried to entertain myself. I thought, wouldn't it be nice if I could work remotely from home tomorrow. I would have a video screen of the patients and a pair of automated hands to work with them. I imagined pulling a practical joke on the physical therapists I work with at the clinic.

Between bites of shrimp dumplings I thought of telling them I'd read an article in NY Times. [Talin interjects - no! Wired Science], okay yes. That I'd read that the Chinese [No, Japanese is more believable] were in the testing phase of automating physical therapy.

After a BBQ pork bun, Talin said that this new technology had arisen from a fleet of automated butlers. Yes! These automated butlers had been requested by their owners to give the occasional shoulder massage and in fact they were quite good. The next logical step would be to use MRI imaging of the body and have automated physical therapists do manual therapy on joints and soft tissue.

We have a practical joker in the office. And he's so deadpan that he always gets me. And then I sort of fume and feel ridiculous.

Now if I wanted to go one step further, David Wong suggested that I might copy the HTML from a Wired Science article to make a mock article.

It's probably too over-achiever for me. And it will be just as much fun attempting to tell this tall tale.

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