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London Girls and Kit in Pink (08-17-17)
I've been feeling a little down today, so I thought I'd try to cheer myself up with a blog post while multi tasking on getting homework done. So today's post is a variety of pictures that were taken on my birthday last month. For my birthday, my dear friend...

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G for Grace! (OG Winning Cheer Opening + Review, AGPS) 09-04-17
Heya! It's been awhile since I did one of these reviews. I figured we might as well mix up the blog posts again. :) For my birthday, I received two Our Generation outfits from my Mawmaw, they were both on clearance at Target. Today I'm going to be showing y...

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Ada's 1 year Ann, and a New Mini (08-31-17)
Hullo everyone! So last night was my birthday party, and I'm very glad to say that it went wonderfully, and I'll have a post up for that soon, but in the meantime, the 31st was a very special day. I would have posted this then, but I think there was another...

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Back to Hogwarts...2017 (AGPS)
Woah, hey, September, what are you doing here? What, oh, it's already the first? But hang on, where did August go? You don't know? Alright, fine, let's start this month the right way.  Heya peeps, did your August fly nearly as quickly as mine seemed to? Tod...

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Lissie and Ania's Day at the Pool (AGPS, 08-30-17)
Have you ever tried to take a photo-shoot during hurricane weather? You know, the raining for ages and then, sunny and windy for roughly three minutes to half-an-hour, then storming for four hours, sort of weather. Well, I can now say that I have. This is a...

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Ruthie's Birthday Party (08-22-17)
Hey peeps! The 22nd was a very special birthday...Miss Ruthie-Lila's! Kit and I put together a small party for her, here's a few pictures from their fun. Little Ruthie joined in. ^ And then it was time for Ruthie to open her gift...She got a mega blocks fig...

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(AGPS) Saige & Kirsten 'Clean-Up' (06-04-17)
I think this is the last photo-shoot left-over from the June chaos of cleaning up from getting the ceiling repaired after the tornado disaster. We took the opportunity of the mess to do a photo-shoot, so enjoy! I would like to note that balloons are much, m...

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Emily in Nature (AGPS 08-02-17)
Hullo ducklings, How about we try to push through as many photo-shoots in the last few days of Summer break, so we can start fresh with the new school year, sound good? I doubt I can do it, but we'll see! Today I have a photo-shoot of Miss Emily, the Englis...

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Caroline in Cinderella Blue (AGPS, 08-11-17)
Hullo everyone! Don't worry, we're back with a normal doll photo-shoot now. Today we have one of my pretty Caroline dressed in a very Cinderella inspired way. I realised that I hadn't put Caroline in her birthday dress yet, that I can remember at least. I f...

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What Sixteen Meant to Me. (My Birthday Post)
Hullo dears, today I'm doing something a little different. People don't usually do birthday posts for themselves, sometimes they'll  do hauls, (which I will do if you request it in the comments), but I feel like, maybe for just this once, I should look back...
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