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What do you think of my heartfelt poem? Do you know what it means? Why would I write it? Why now, in this stage of my life?

Eh, right! I shared this little gem with the woman I love SECOND MOST in this world. My personal heart-felt poem: 

A comet in the sky, our fears were nigh,
Floating in the water, sky fills our eye.
Youth eternal, love never ending
‘twas you and I, peace and a sigh.
Stare into the sky, what’s to fear? What need to cry?
As long as you are floating by my side,
Nothing shall I question, no reason for me to lie
You are my friend, you are my flesh
I'll love you forever, we shared the worst, we lived the rest,
You know my soul, my soul, your soul, you are my best,
Our souls, they are one, and I will always love,
Our night swimming, night swimming….,
It deserves a quiet night….." want to share with the world. How does one go about doing this? I am NOT narcissistic so I have no idea where to start. Do you?

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