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With Regards to Funerals and Forgetting
“The funeral was yesterday. It was a beautiful day; the kind
of day that would’ve motivated you to pull me outside so that we could set up
an impromptu picnic and experience it in its entirety.  It felt wrong, Kate. You know how in the
movies, whenever ther...

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Silver Coins and Dragon Eggs
The peddler rolled a silver coin
between his knuckles, counting the number of times he could get across and
back. “ Five…” The day was long and
customers were a rarity. As such, he had little else to do. Besides, he’d been
practicing. “Six…” He had yet to b...

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With Regards to His Troubled Mind
The apathy eats at me. It preys upon my troubled mind,
leaving me hanging by a thread. Surrender is appealing. Fighting is pointless. There are no good happy endings in the
troubled mind. They leave a poor taste in its mouth. They look ugly on a page. They...

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With Regards to Love at First Touch
To My Love, You know, next friday marks our 15 th anniversary. It's a bit surreal when you think about it. I honestly
can't believe that we've lasted this long, given how much things have
changed over the years. I often think back to the first time we
met. ...

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With Regards to Belts
I stared intently at the clock,
watching as the hands crawled around and around, as though they
hoped reaching the new hour would allow them to rest. The clock
struck four. The hands kept crawling. My arm extends out to the right, still
reaching for someon...

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With Regards to Mirrors
“I’m going to kill myself tomorrow.” I let it slip out in a whisper, not that it mattered. No one
else was around to hear me, or at least I didn't think so. I looked up at the
bathroom mirror, meeting the gaze of a beautiful young girl. She waved
excitedly ...
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