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Gee, sounds like ONE politician out there's at least listening to the occupiers. Pity our system's so broken and corrupted that most of the things he's talking about won't happen.

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Interesting article - what problems are you interested in? The main two for me are healthcare and climate. Not sure how I could personally impact either of them though.

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This is awesome. Wonder if there's an iPhone app for this too.
Saw this on BoingBoing this morning. Evidently there is an 'app' that will let Android users scan the bar codes of products and it will let you know if that product is manufactured by a SOPA-supporting organization.

I like this idea. Since we are a consumer economy, what better way for consumers to vote their disapproval than to not buy products from company's who lobby Congress to pass legislation votes don't want. Clearly Congress is not listening to the people.

I'm skeptical about how effective this will be but it will be interesting to see if it has an impact. If corporations can buy votes then why can't we influence corporate sponsorship of legislation by not giving those corporations our money?

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Wow. This guy is pretty amazing. If you didn't see him drawing, you'd swear it was a photograph. Irish artist Barry "Jazz" Finnegan... Definitely worth a watch if you're an art lover.

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Fantastic read. If you still don't understand what the occupations are about, I urge you to read this. There are a couple of paragraphs in the middle that state things pretty plainly:

They want a fairer tax system. They want a sane energy policy that addresses climate change and searches for cleaner ways to power our civilization. They want a government that is not wholly owned by the rich. They want access to justice and education. They want a reasonable hope of getting and keeping a job that gives them a living wage and the ability to invest for the future.

They want a rational health care system that they can afford. They want government policy that is driven by thoughtful attention to rational research, not ideology. They want a transparent government that holds the powerful accountable. They want a government that understands the importance of investing now in human capital and infrastructure.
The first half of this post is stronger than the latter in the image it evokes, but it's still worth a read:

The police officer is Congress. Our banks. Our clerics.

The students are us.

If I had to sum up the attitude of America's governing classes in one word, I would say: contempt.

I'm really interested in hearing the other side of this... for the sake of completeness. I mean, someone must think this [i.e. pepper spraying protesters] is the best use our nation's resources, or it wouldn't be happening right? Right? Bueller?
/via +Mike Chiaburu #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyUCDavis

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Those of you who don't understand Occupy, think there aren't any goals or demands - read this. It's a pretty brief summary, but it hits the main points that the occupations in the US seem to all agree on.

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Awesome. Hopefully more reporters will start doing this. It's sad that the MSM in the US is only reporting on things that should be in the entertainment section and anything else is either off limits or so ridiculously slanted that the reporters sit there behind the scenes whining about the fluff they're being forced to feed the masses (seriously, go up to one of the mainstream folks reporting on occupy - see what they have to say about the pieces they're doing - it's really NOT pretty).

These days, if I want news, I look to people like her and stations like RT and Al Jazeera. What's that say about the news in the US if more and more Americans are turning to reporters and media outlets that are NOT accepted as "mainstream" here?

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Amazing post by Chris Hedges. We can and will win this. The 1% doesn't understand why we're doing this. That's just from lack of trying. The mighty will indeed fall.

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Wow, all I can say is just... wow.


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Really, since when do peaceful protesters deserve this? Who'd YOU see make the first move? Yeah, not the protesters who had their arms linked.
This is shocking. Apparently this is UC Berkeley (CAL) last night

Occupy Cal 11/9/11!
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