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Michael Bay
Writer and Imagination Engineer: Available for Parties!
Writer and Imagination Engineer: Available for Parties!

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A shot from the game I'm developing. This is the second scene in the game, after you've been re-instated from a six month old back-up. Your mission... find out what happened to you and stop attacks that could kill millions of people on Mars. Any similarity to the game +Eclipse Phase is not coincidental.

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Outside the Mars Gate at Madim Valles. +Eclipse Phase 

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You're the only one who can intercept the Crystal Ship before it crashes into the surface of Mars... and unleashes horror upon the human colonists. It's an CRPG I'm developing. 
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Didn't take much time to assemble this list. I'm pretty sure that along with my new Oculus Rift... I'm going to need to quit my job to have enough time for all of these....

Battlestar Galactica
Arkham Horror
Empire of the Sun
Pendragon 5.1
Shadowrun 5
AD&D 5
Eclipse Phase
The One Ring
A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
Dark Heresy II
Fifth Frontier War
Here I Stand
Labyrinth: The War on Terror
Twilight Struggle
Ars Magica
The Strange
Call of Cthulhu
Apocalypse World
Ars Magica
13th Age
Fading Suns
The Devil's Cauldron
Where Eagles Dare
Black Cross/Blue Sky
The Campaign for North Africa
Pacific War
The Battle for Normandy
Sword of Rome
High Frontiers
Unknown Armies
The Burning Blue
Combat Commander: Europe
Combat Commander: Pacific
Fire in the Lake
Vietnam 1965-1975
Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer
A Distant Plain 
Andean Abyss
The Civil War
Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division
Eldritch Horror
Bomber Commander
Enemy Coast Ahead
Cactus Air Force


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A devastating end to the little hold called Sparta. A fight over a fuel tanker left the Spartans itching for a fight with New America, something that the wily woman called Duke twisted to her advantage. In the end, the only PC alive was Doc, who had become Junktown's new medic. The final session was very intense as Doc desperately tried to save his people, only to be undermined by mistakes and questionable strategy by the other Spartan leaders (PCs). 

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In this day and age... this is an important ability.

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For tonight's Eclipse Phase campaign at the Uncommons in NYC - After a high-profile kidnapping of an heiress in Erato... clues point to this site - Sumitomo Heavy Mechatronic's Automated Resource Collection Facility 103. The corporate name came from someone more clever than I on the EP forums.

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