I have so got to get to Nova Scotia and other eastern Canadian states... Looks superb.
May 10, 2012 - 131/366 - Secret Beach Nova Scotia

There is a beach hidden away in Nova Scotia where the water is clear, the birds are varied and abundant and dollars are to be picked up wherever you look (sand dollars that is). The white sands stretch for what seems like miles (and probably is), in and out of coves and bays with smooth rocks and hidden treasures in rock pools and just under the waves. This beach is a special spot and it seemed right to show it partly hidden by the waving grasses.

Today thanks to the hard work of the G+ team including +Chris Messina and +Jon Emerson I managed to put a banner photo on my profile! So in celebration of that and as I was going through my archives to find one that would go with the profile picture taken by Steven on a day in June years ago, I decided to find a photograph that I had taken that day and work on it for today's submission. I used a different one for my banner image of course but liked this one for today's creative effort.

+Canada #Canada #canadianlandscape #novascotia

This is image #131 for my participation in the #creative366project +Creative 366 Project conceived by +Takahiro Yamamoto and +Jeff Matsuya and for the +G+ 365 Project #365 #365Project #G +365Project curated by +Simon Kitcher and +Susan Porter
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