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Flipping through this month's Elle Decor (because design magazines are my drug of choice) and came across a phrase to describe a bedroom..'.A sumptuous refuge' . I'll keep that in mind for my winter duvet shopping! 

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Saw this bug on my back deck tonight, what is it? We've had family guesses but none of us are sure... mantis? cricket? grasshopper?
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Looks like school starts on Aug. 15th...thought i had a little more time than that!!

+Adam Brazionis +Andrea Meacham Okay guys, here's that soup recipe! I did it a bit differently, so I'll just list what I did rather than the actual recipe.
1 package white mushrooms slices
1 package baby portobello mushrooms sliced
I chopped 1/2 of them so there would be some small bits (or you can use a food processor).
1 small white onion finely diced (about a cup)
3 cups chicken stock (you can sub vegetable, but I can't say if it would affect the flavor) I used 2 stock cubes in 3 cups water.
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme (give or take...I used a bit more :0)
Now, cook all of this together in a stock pot until the onion and mushrooms are tender. Then add 2 cups 1/2 and 1/2 (some people subbed fat free 1/2 and 1/2 and said it was great). Heat to medium high stirring constantly to avoid scorching.
Next, the recipe says to make a roux from 3tbsp of butter and 3tbsp flour...since I kinda doubled here, I would use a bit more. I usually make mine by melting the butter in a heavy glass cup in the microwave and add the flour until it's a pasty consistency. You can make yours in a saucepan if you like.
Once the soup mixture is good and hot, quickly whisk in the roux a bit at a time until it thickens to your this very fast or you'll have lumps :0/
Then, add 1 tbsp of cream sherry and a dash of salt and fresh ground pepper. This makes quite a bit of soup so Jessica you can use the leftovers to make the pork blade steak and rice recipe that was your favorite when you were a kid! Lots of mmmm's at the table on this one...very good recipe! Enjoy!

I figured out how the seasons work here...I think?
1. Autumn comes in summer
2. Summer comes in autumn
3. Spring comes in winter
4. Winter comes in spring
At least that's my impression of SanFrancisco so far...

Hey!!! I noticed that nobody is sparking? What the plus is up with that???

I'm sure there's a ton of these jokes out there, but I'll start a new chain: You might be a geek if....You need more than 7 plug in outlets by your bedside table for charging 'gadgets'.

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My eyeballs hurt :0( Maybe if I just close them for a minute...

Thanks to +Kristy Everington +Reto Meier +Chris Chabot +irina chabot for sharing the evening with us for the 4th! Had a fantastic time...and surprisingly, not too bad of a hangover :0) Very fun!
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