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Yeah, workshop in Chicago was great. Cognitive Linguistics stuff lead by a couple psych people -- was perfect. Now I'm making posters and stuff for Barcelona and Boston in a couple weeks. Stoked! How are you?
Stoked! I'm starting a new job in August! It's another research post but this time I'll be working with people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder down in St. Pats hospital which is 2 mins from the apartment :D Also heading to the Ukraine tomorrow for 2 weeks :D Whoop!
Holy cow! Congrats on the job -- sounds intense and a good deal for you. Ukraine -- for a holiday? 2 weeks sounds wonderful! Take pictures, put them on The + and I'll +1 the hell out of em'.
Yup holidaying in the Ukraine (in the rain it looks like) :) and don't worry there shall be lots of -> of photos to + 4u2 +1
Btw we need to have a ucd get together (I baggsy not organising it :D)
When you're back, I'll be gone. But after I'm back, "we" can put out the ol' "cognitive science and related fields" call and see what happens.
I vote for a BBQ and frisbee. Or else food of some other description and frisbee. Also drink.
I +1 everything, but that would get +2.
As a member of the 'related fields' I second that, or +1 it, whichever.
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