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+Aryc Oh man I just saw your email! Sorry for not responding! I don't check my social part of my email much. Desolate Wars's production was actually going smoothly, but as a novice programmer I was ignoring a lot of things. Like sharing more information with the team. I took full control on things I shouldn't have. I honestly didn't know what it was like to work on a team before, all projects I've done were pretty much solo. Meaning that subjected myself to a LOT of programming when major mmos usually take like 30 - 40 people to make. We also had no money and a poor sense of direction. But despite that I can't deny that that summer was one of the best of my life. It's taught me so much and helped me fix mistakes that intend never to make again. I would be totally open to reestablishing a friendship with you or anyone else really. I've moved on to art and writing primarily but I still have a passion for gaming, mostly story games but hey.

Sorry we haven't talked in like years. How's everything on your end?
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