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SiZ-o lab architecture
Laboratoire d'Expérimentations et d'Explorations architecturales et urbaines
Laboratoire d'Expérimentations et d'Explorations architecturales et urbaines

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Said from scientific america skeumorphs ..

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just bees .. but useful bees .. time to think about

Post has attachment this tool is to collect good examples, methods, shared experiences . just to do as the same as what WE are doing now, all over the world... not only for money but for the next form of humanity, peaceful diverse shared expressions ...

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Men are different and potentially unequal.

By analogy to language, where words are always defined by what
they are not (Saussure) (cat is a cat named because it is not a dog or a duck, etc.!). We can also be recognized as what others are not.
It is then that stands out the individual as an original entity deploying a common humanity.

It can grant equal to his efforts, accept disruptive expressions of others. We act with simplicity to insert an unquantifiable goal but common, described as evolutionary:

1. Our joint project is to translate each other to make progress in our quest to make us the inner world of others available: a mutual unveiling.

2. We all have the same value of "will to act" no matter how fast we
execute it. Value is to make timeless but limited in quantity.

3. The same symbolic expressions are the result of these actions. There will always only subjective expressions as there will always be a person who produced it. Even if others have taken as models.

4. Other is formally always different, and similar in one humanity. It produces expressions of oneself. The term (expression) is the content of our senses.

5. Not promoting this re-appropriation (eg patents to the public domain), is to keep this value of unlimited production of the world:
expressions have values other than to show us another source of others and not quantifiable value. This value is called the generosity of oneself (being). His most humble experience is to create a real work of art (oeuvre), true projection of himself. This is also a place that we do make exist: a framework reassuring re-appropriated.

6. The definition of work is in the creation of works, not products. Only machines occur and we must relearn the men soon released by their humanity access to globalization (which is not worldalization (which is KApitalism in brief !!)
7. "Globalisation is a concept whereby the accelerated diffusion and extension of a set of trials whose dynamics has focused on the relations of production and exchange ... (She) is not a movement of cultural uniformity (Martin, Metzger, Pien.e 2003) ... (it) impulse of new forms of regulation .. "- SOCIOLOGY ACTIVITY - A critical reading of globalization - Roland Guillon - Harmattan ed - 2005
8. The time and resources invested in research is the field of public good for all. While they seem to be allocated to the successful recipient of a product applied. Breaking the walls that separate us from these partial discoveries is equivalent to let us guide its practical applications to our mutual benefit (MB (benéfice commun). There is then demultiplication and creation of several products and not monopolithics (single, exclusive and without derivatives).

9. Produce those expressions is to identify ourselves in the other,
it is also to recognize identical. They are what we perceive as
subjects, objects and landscapes.
10. The expression contains a unique value: these to give ourselves.
extract from a book of operationnal prospective "agir juste maintenant" (Act well now !) from Laurent Puissant - AkoZ

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city before .. organics all around by AkoZ°

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Aprfois les nuances y sont plus fortes ! .. ;) Entre pluies et lumières ...
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