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Not dead just working on other projects.

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Thursday 8EST I will be running Wrestleworld.

The player's guide to write up a PC is below in this post. The Main Event match is listed in the bottom link if you're interested in checking out. Let me know and I'll save a spot for you in the game.

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The Spoiler III and Caltrop Cal's promo for this week's upcoming match.

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#FLAILSNAILS welcomed.

This week's Wrestleworld Main Event will be a ladder match. The winner receives 1,250 XP and 250 gold.

What sort of gimmick matches would you like to see available in Wrestleworld?

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1st draft for the Manager's player character class.

Wrestleworld will soon have its first two 2nd level PCs.

Congrats to Caltrop Cal, and The Spoiler III, and their player +Michael Bolam!

+Greg Backus and +Michael Bolam survived the halls of Wrestleworld to earn 733xp for your 3 surviving PCs and 167 gp and 66sp.

They defeated 3 skeletons, Smash O'Bloody and the tag team of Boston's Finest Kelley O'Beaten and The Firemen.

Sadly Galaxian Beta became the 2nd PC doomed to walk the halls of Wrestleworld.

The fighting was capped off when the Leprechaun who lived under the ring performed a death defying splash on the downed Kelley O'Beaten. His triumphant new friends carried him around the run celebrating their victory as the sounds of bag pipes played in the background and 4 leaf clovers fell from the ceiling.
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