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Official Plotshare Page. Feedback is appreciated.
Official Plotshare Page. Feedback is appreciated.

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I am not happy with the design of the page and I am sure you feel the same about it. Right now I am planning to migrate to Bootstrap 3 RC2. This involves a lot of changes in the sites code because I heavily embedded HTML source code creation in the lua backend framework. I am not decoupling HTML templates from data inclusion with the "cosmo" template engine.
The the whole thing should be ready soon - stay tuned!

Recently, some plots failed because they contained the hash symbol and the parser thought it was the start of a comment and removed the rgb code. Also some strange multiplot and plot combinations lead to errors in the plots. This now belongs to the past because a new parsing system has been implemented as mentioned in the previous post.

The new system is much easier to adapt and if problems come up, I will be able to fix them much faster than in the past.

Enjoy the page.

The new design is up now and I hope you enjoy it. It sure helps to browse recent plots more easily and find your way around the different sections in the plot form. I also try to improve the Tutorial section a bit so newcomers will be able to create simple plots in just a few minutes.

I am also playing around with the parser system behind the page. I saw a couple of plots that confused the parser and led to errors or no plots. I will use the incredible LPEG library to make the new parsing system bullet proof so all plotscripts will work in the future.

Stay tuned...

I am currently working on an improved version of plotshare. I have concentrated on making the design sleeker, adding more information for non-gnuplot users and trying to make the whole page as accessible as possible.

The new page will go live in the next two days.

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What do you think about the new graph plotting feature of the google search ? Still not as powerful as gnuplot but it is a start. I hear that with a little trick, one can export the graph as vector graphs. Do you also want to have a more flexible choice of output terminals on Plotshare ?

Stay tuned for improvements on Plotshare around christmas!

This is the new Google Plus Plotshare page. Feel free to comment about features of Plotshare, that you would like to see in the future. Also if you do not like something or find bugs, please tell me.
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