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The number of schools participating in farm-to-school programs and activities is on the rise, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports, with nearly half of surveyed districts reporting that they plan to increase local purchasing in coming years.

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Emma Otis: A Legacy of Service, Adventure, and So Much Girl Scout Love
On Sunday, October 25, the world lost an amazing woman. Her name was Emma Otis, and she was 114 years young. Emma leaves behind an incredible legacy of service, adventure, and so much Girl Scout. With 80 years of service under her belt, at the time of her d...

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In the Life's Little Mysteries 'What if?' series, we find experts to answer all kinds of bizarre but fascinating hypothetical questions.

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This Green Juice Stops Headaches and Migraines in 1 Minute
Every second person suffers from headaches or migraine. These common conditions can vary in intensity and range from mild to severe. Apart from pharmaceutical solutions that can be easily obtained at the pharmacist’s, there are also all-natural alternatives that can address this issue successfully.

Here, we offer the most beneficial natural remedy against headaches – mouth-watering green juice!

Headaches are normally triggered by stress, but other contributing factors include bad posture, unhealthy diet, anxiety or exposure to environmental toxins.

This amazing drink is an excellent alternative to Tylenol because it can successfully reduce headaches by eliminating the root cause. For one thing, it’s rich in calcium and magnesium –the most beneficial minerals for preventing and treating headaches. As you consume these essential nutrients in liquid form, they can reach your blood more easily, thus treating the issue faster. You will feel some improvement in just 1-2 minute!

- 5 stalks of celery
- 1 lime
- 1 cucumber
- 3-4 cups of leafy greens (spinach and arugula)
- ginger (2 inches)
- 1 cup of parsley
- 2 apples (Granny Smith)

Blend all the ingredients and your green juice is ready for use. Drink it fresh in order to get the maximum of its benefits.

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Dark Hedges Mist Clearing by Andy Gibson
#ireland   #darkhedges   #forest   #trees   #light   #landscape   #wood   #mist   #summer   #road   #magical  

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