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David Harold
Reputation Management specialist and Restaurant Consultant
Reputation Management specialist and Restaurant Consultant


I was surprised recently when I did a generic news search of the term "Reputation Management" and found that eight of the first ten entries were press releases. I suppose there are still a few kinks to be worked out, but I can't imagine the software allowing press releases to be a major part of the news feed for much longer.

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I've gotten quite a few requests from non-experienced Internet users lately on easy ways to build one's online reputation. Because of this, I decided to write a two-part series on the 10 Easiest Ways To Build Your Reputation - most of which include making heavy use of social media services such as Google+.

It's difficult to rank which services are easier than others, but there are significant advantages to using all of the methods outlined in the article to ensure your name (or your company's name) ranks highly when key terms are searched. Best of all, you can maintain 100% control over all content that is published on profile pages, your own website and Wikipedia entries - converting your reputation management efforts into actionable content that can push down negative results in a very short amount of time.

I'd love to receive feedback on the article, and welcome any comments. Thanks for reading!

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Building your reputation online is something that may require a bit of time, but can be achieved by even novice Internet users. I recently wrote a two-part series on the 10 easiest ways to build your reputation, and welcome any feedback on the subject.

Feel free to post a reply if you have any questions for comments!

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The issue of "Revenge Porn" is quickly finding its way into the public mainstream due to a growing number of instances in which offenders publish intimate media content in an attempt to cause emotional harm and distress to their victims.

Here's a two-part article that I recently wrote that goes into detail about what Revenge Porn is and explains courses of actions (including Social Media strategy) for victims to take.

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Revenge Porn (the act of publishing intimate media content with the intention of causing harm) is in issue that is becoming increasingly common. I recently published a two-part article outlining precisely what Revenge Porn is, as well as courses of action to take if you or someone you know is a victim of this act.

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In retrospect, I wish I had used a one-color plate for the green beans. Still, I liked the way these turned out on my Sony Point & Shoot (Sony DSC-W130 - 2005 model).

I took the first photo using flash and the complete meal pic was without (during sunset). The third image is from a local market vegetable stand here in Mexico City that sells squash blossoms.

All comments/critique welcome!
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Hello everyone. I'd like to introduce myself to the community and look forward to sharing my "food loves" with my colleagues as well as learning about different tastes and cooking styles worldwide.

I have been living in Mexico City since the 1990s and specialize in Mexican Cuisine as well as restaurant consulting. My background consists of 24 hour restaurant management, some catering, and cooking for two hungry twin boys who are extremely picky eaters.

Recently, I published one of my first articles for and would really like your feedback on it. Feel free to contact me at anytime, as I enjoy sharing my experiences as well as commenting on others' culinary endeavors!

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