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Tamara Weintraub
Content marketing manager with a love for dogs and television.
Content marketing manager with a love for dogs and television.


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What do you need to optimize in your Google map listing?
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Today's Local Marketing Minute. Small business marketing tips straight from the source!
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What do you think of Diet Coke's new packaging? 
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F-bomb, sexting, e-reader, oh my! Check out the latest words added to the dictionary!
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Do you love stats? Then this ebook is for you! 150 awesome marketing stats for every business. 
How does today's online landscape affect your business? Find out in our latest ebook! 
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Another blog post - how to handle sales leads
Part two of our post on lead management: what do do after the call. 
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#Explore +Jason Falls Closing Keynote

What's Important in Marketing?
-Engagement is very important but it's not the most important thing
-We have to measure, but measurement is not the most important thing
-Sales drive the bottom line, but lead generation is not the most important thing
-Social media and SEO are not the most important things to do that make you a good marketer
-The most important thing in your marketing is remembering what you're supposed to be doing.
-When you do marketing right, leads happen; sales happen

Jason's Definition of a Marketer
Your job as a marketer is to persuade an audience to take action.
-We write blog posts, tweet, etc. but does what we're doing persuade anyone to take action?
-We get lost in the tools, in the platforms, and we forget what our purpose is.

The Holy Smokes Rule (PG-13 version)
-You have to ask the question: Will this piece of communications make our audience say "HOLY SMOKES, that's awesome, true, smart, etc..."

-When you content that elicits a response, people will share, buy, download, attend, vote, change their mind
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Mobile Marketing: Turning Passive Advocates Into Social Influencers
+Tim Hayden #Explore

-90% of Americans are within 3 feet of their mobile phones 24 hours a day
-We expect all URLs that we see to work on a mobile device

Scan, Text or Click?
-30% QR Code Scan
-41% SMS Text
-29% URL/Browser

Think mobile behavior, not mobile technology.

Some Mobile Data
-Consumers on the go spend less time looking at social media on handheld mobile devices than on desktop computer
-46% of consumers research an item on their smartphone before going to buy it in store
-37% researched an item on their phone before buying online

Online Consumer Behavior
-Consumers share experiences and make decisions together
-People in the moment who are interested in a brand or its content can still be powerful in sharing content, even if they don't have many fans/followers

Mobile Friendly Sites
-Having a site that's not optimized for mobile makes for a poor customer experience
-Condensed content: 4-10x reduction of desktop site
-Navigation limited to 2-3 actions beyond landing page
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