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Love this interactive graphic by +Google 
Search starts with the web. It's made up of over 30 trillion individual pages and it's constantly growing. Google navigates the web by crawling. That means we follow links from page to page. Site owners choose whether their sites are crawled. We sort the pages by their content and other factors.
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Tamara Weintraub

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yep, those marketing folks at MSFT came up with a radical new design ... NOT
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Tamara Weintraub

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F-bomb, sexting, e-reader, oh my! Check out the latest words added to the dictionary!
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Another blog post - how to handle sales leads
Part two of our post on lead management: what do do after the call. 
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Mobile Marketing: Turning Passive Advocates Into Social Influencers
+Tim Hayden #Explore

-90% of Americans are within 3 feet of their mobile phones 24 hours a day
-We expect all URLs that we see to work on a mobile device

Scan, Text or Click?
-30% QR Code Scan
-41% SMS Text
-29% URL/Browser

Think mobile behavior, not mobile technology.

Some Mobile Data
-Consumers on the go spend less time looking at social media on handheld mobile devices than on desktop computer
-46% of consumers research an item on their smartphone before going to buy it in store
-37% researched an item on their phone before buying online

Online Consumer Behavior
-Consumers share experiences and make decisions together
-People in the moment who are interested in a brand or its content can still be powerful in sharing content, even if they don't have many fans/followers

Mobile Friendly Sites
-Having a site that's not optimized for mobile makes for a poor customer experience
-Condensed content: 4-10x reduction of desktop site
-Navigation limited to 2-3 actions beyond landing page
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Tamara Weintraub

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Back to #Explore after lunch... let's get to it!

Drowing in Numbers: Turning Social Media Data into Insight
+Tom Webster

"Social Media is Making Polling Obsolete" - is this a true statement?

-Listening will not kill Asking. They make each other stronger
-The key to understanding any piece of data is: Why was it created?

What do you do with data collected via social media?

Check your Work
-Read methodology behind the poll/social media
-The tools to mine social media are new
-There are different people tweeting & creating content online - that doesn't make it wrong, you just have to check your balances

Do Your Own Work to Make Sense of Social Media
-Listen - Treat social media as a source of questions, language, etc.
-Ask Questions - Use surveys (online and offline), emails, etc to follow up on social media data. Find the channels where your customers/prospects are.
-Calibrate - Weight the data based on the source: different platforms will have different types of people and therefore different opinions. If you combine sources, you can calibrate them and make the data better.
-Listen Smarter - Learn about how people truly feel about your brand by asking the right questions on the right channels.

Additional Insights
-Use all the tools at your disposal - don't just use data from social media.

-The truth is, the people on social media may not be representative of your actual consumers. Keep that in mind when collecting or mining data.

-Does anyone tweet about brands other than people who work in marketing, advertising, PR or social media?

-Only 10% of U.S. population is on Twitter vs. people actually consuming data

-The problem with any data is you don't know where it comes from or the methodology with which it was collected.

Companies that Provide Good Data
-comscore, +Nielsen, which use panels
-Panels give you different data than social media
-Calibrate data from panel sources with online data
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Tamara Weintraub

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What do you need to optimize in your Google map listing?
How does your listing look in the Google Maps app?
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Tamara Weintraub

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Today's Local Marketing Minute. Small business marketing tips straight from the source!
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What do you think of Diet Coke's new packaging? 
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Tamara Weintraub

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Do you love stats? Then this ebook is for you! 150 awesome marketing stats for every business. 
How does today's online landscape affect your business? Find out in our latest ebook! 
This ebook will help you discover the latest trends and statistics in online marketing and learn what you can do to make sure your business is reaching local consumers.
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Tamara Weintraub

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#Explore +Jason Falls Closing Keynote

What's Important in Marketing?
-Engagement is very important but it's not the most important thing
-We have to measure, but measurement is not the most important thing
-Sales drive the bottom line, but lead generation is not the most important thing
-Social media and SEO are not the most important things to do that make you a good marketer
-The most important thing in your marketing is remembering what you're supposed to be doing.
-When you do marketing right, leads happen; sales happen

Jason's Definition of a Marketer
Your job as a marketer is to persuade an audience to take action.
-We write blog posts, tweet, etc. but does what we're doing persuade anyone to take action?
-We get lost in the tools, in the platforms, and we forget what our purpose is.

The Holy Smokes Rule (PG-13 version)
-You have to ask the question: Will this piece of communications make our audience say "HOLY SMOKES, that's awesome, true, smart, etc..."

-When you content that elicits a response, people will share, buy, download, attend, vote, change their mind
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Tamara Weintraub

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Breaking the Rules of Email Marketing
+DJ Waldow Founder & CEO, Waldow Social

-Email marketing is NOT dead
-Everyone checks/sends email

The Rules. Thou Shall Not:
1. Send Ugly Emails
2. Use All Caps or the word "Free" in the subject line
3. Use popups to collect email addresses

Breaking the Rules. Truth:
1. You are not necessarily your audience! Ugly & pretty templates tested had nearly identical open rates!
2. Using FREE and ALL CAPS in an email subject line does not mean automatic spam!
3. Popup accounts for 75-83% of list growth! Using Popups to collect email addresses can work!

Best Practices
1. Earn and Build Trust
2. Always be testing
3.Understand your audience
4. Review your Metrics
5. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet

The Value of Email
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+DJ Waldow You're welcome. Fun session!
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