Hi guys
Today we will be releasing the final builds for Nougat.
We apologize for the delay as September patches took a bit too long to be merged as well as team members being busy.
Please note that these final builds may take some time to be up on the official download page.
Version will be bumped to 5.8.5
Changes and features are as following :-
Merged September Security Patches
Added PA color engine
Magisk updated to v14
Improved theme compatibility with color engine
Improvements to pocket mode
Many device specific changes & fixes (depends on your maintainer)
Updates from LineageOS

This marks the end of Nougat for RR
Thank you all for your support and hope you enjoyed the builds we have provided up till now.

Maintainers Please Note
Please put the "final" tag at the end of your build (its included in your build script)

But What about O? When will it come?
Honestly speaking . Can't say as of now but we predict towards the end of December since there have been massive changes and team members are busy with their daily jobs . Rest assured , O builds will come in time but to give an ETA is not possible .

Downloads (will be available soon depending on your maintainer)

Thank you ,
Have a great weekend

See you next time on Android 8.0

Team Resurrection Remix
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