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Ricky Bulalakaw
Fan of open, socially responsible, and development-responsive technology.
Fan of open, socially responsible, and development-responsive technology.

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I wish we would create systems that really reduce administrative tasks among users so that they can focus on their primary functions. For example, when an office submits outputs, it should be one seamless process that would also capture requirements for document archiving and accomplishment reporting. The data and files uploaded in the database could then be used by Management for report generation, analysis, knowledge creation, and other executive, productive and creative processes. #knowledgemenagement #businessprocessimprovement #wishful 

Looks like I will have to pilot that information system project on my own to prove how important and helpful it could be. #knowledgewarehouse 

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Control preventing deletion of an office objective if there is a recorded office or individual output in the system done. #PHP #MySQL #performancemanagement #informationsystem #SPMS #CSCMC6

Creation of Office PC and specific office objectives now working. Editing, deleting, and viewing score guide up next. #PHP #MySQL #performancemanagement #informationsystem #SPMS #CSCMC6

Installed a working #MySQL-driven web development server (#PHP-Lighttpd) on my Android tablet. 

Learned (rather late) how to use multiple options from one column as WHEREAS condition in #MySQL #SPMS #PMIS #PHP

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Insufficient feedback costs organizations millions in lost talent, productivity, trust, and engagement.

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On Albert Einstein's quote "Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted"

Search result from #MySQL SELECT query now displaying in multiple pages in #PHP #performancemanagement 
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