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Just listened to 6 different versions of Madman Across The Water. I'm sure this is the prime content people started following me for.

I also real quick wrote up an 8 page ruleset so I think maybe I've got my next little project sorted.

Don't know what to spend my time writing about now so maybe it's time to make good on one of those podcast threats...

I can't figure out deleting a patreon campaign.

There was a massive level jump from the 2nd gym leader out of proportion with the rest of the gym, the surrounding area, team rocket, the bridge gauntlet, anything. Wild jump. Even then I was able to nearly one-shot her first of only TWO pokemon but then she brought out this....double starfish of an even higher level who had just too much health for me to ever make a dent in, and powerful enough to overwhelm all my defenses. As I understand it, whiting out means you lose the whole run. Thus my pokemon experiment has ended. Cesar Flickerman leads us into cannons and fanfare for the fallen:

Burny Bro
First Member Of The DK Crew (DK for short)
Rock Lords

Say their names with pride. They punished criminals, as patriots they died.

Most defenses of Zak start with admitting he's an asshole. I don't think he's an asshole, he'll just call you a dipshit when he thinks you're being a dipshit. I depend on my friends around me for that kind of thing, I seek it out, and we don't always see eye to eye but we can still be cool about it.

(Dipshit is my word, not his, maybe he called someone a dipshit but I don't have that memory, I need my memories for the many different Man-E-Faces continuities.)


I'm going to start running a game alternating Thursday nights 7ish PM Eastern US. Not sure when I'm going to start. It will be a mutant crawl using the rules I ran in last year's ANTIGENCON. We'll play for 2-3 hrs per session. I already have 2 players in like James Coburn but I need 2-3 more.


1- Based largely on The Running Man and Diamond Dogs.
2- Mostly plays just like your favorite old school mutant games
3- New psionic and magic system I've only half made up so far BUT it's only given out as treasure
4- Darksynth soundtrack of just whatever I find on youtube
5- Domain play beginning level 1

Bonus XP for being extra 80s.
Bonus XP for being extra Bowie.
Bonus XP for drawings stories session recaps songs maps poems
Bonus XP for everyone who completes hidden Xbox achievements

roll up roll up

I wish it didn't take me finding out about threats of violence accusations of supporting rape and general chicken little behavior THIRD HAND EVEN to realize Zak has a new book announced. Even the comics world doesn't see that kind of a mess and we have pedophile conventioneers entire books about Muslim punching and an entire Dave Sim to deal with. I wonder if some of the takeaway from this shouldn't be about how WWs reach probably isn't what they're hoping for.

Why do so many people who play video games online for an audience twitch Youtube etc feel like they need to talk to that audience like youth pastors?

Don't just scream at me or try to get me excited. Do something exciting or interesting, maybe scream then. When you GOOOOOD MORNING CAMPERS WHOS READY TO HAVE FUN LEARNING ABOUT THE LORD I will not watch your videos.

A gazeteer but it's a podcast and you just freestyle the whole thing

It wasn't called the 'city of mirrors' or anything like that. It was just Cauldobur.

When the sky is both clear and gray, in the moments after sunset gets going behind some trees with its private fireworks show, that's when Cauldobur has real life to it. That's when the glass on the buildings shines back blue sunny days. That's when the walks are always just a little wet, not enough to sizzle in the heat or enough to come away on the cuff of your jeans. Just enough to take gray darker, except for strange shapes in the concrete squiggling a message to birds. Is it oils? You read somewhere it was oils. There aren't any birds anyway.

Cauldobur is a city of mirrors.

They are on poles like parking meters. The mirrors themselves are like silver ostrich eggs, wide and flat. It's like the earth is paddling through the waters of Cauldobur.

Some mirrors are found installed on the roofs of buildings, expensive condos and abandoned squatter hostels. Some of them are found on the sidewalk. A mess of them are scattered about the park like forgotten toys, little darts reflecting gray, up from the earth. There are mirrors in the middle of busy intersections. Mirrors block the lane at the Whataburger drive through. Nobody knows how many there are, though there are groups of devotees endeavoring to find them all.

Many mirrors are indoors, installed in the floor but older than the floor.

They do not speak but the mirrors have messages. In cast iron at the base of your reflection, the mirrors relay their messages.

You abandoned them.

Remember what you did.

She died screaming.

He waited for you.

Remember what you've done.

Everybody knows.

Even the children, yes.

You are not forgiven.

She lost everything.

Remember the fire.

You let him die.

Someone saw you.

You are lost and forgotten.

That was your one chance.

The lake is thawing.

The birds are gone.


No agency has installed them. No one maintains them. Most are defaced, many are at least a little cracked. All are tarnished. The people of Cauldobur take care of them as best they can, small groups of dedicated individuals who don't know what the mirrors are for or why they live in the restaurant bathroom ( IT'S STARTING WITHOUT YOU ) but they sense they are important. Perhaps they only hope they are.

This could all be the work of one dedicated individual or some anarchist public space reclamation art collective. The godless blame the church and the church blames the heathen. Local politics involve trading off with taking credit for the mirrors, assigning blame for the mirrors, joking about the mirrors, drawing inspiration for the mirrors, ignoring the mirrors.

Cauldobur is not the city of mirrors. It is a city within mirrors, the mirrors within itself, the mirrors of Cauldobur.

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