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In my career as a web developer, I can honestly say I have uttered all of these comments, or some variation, on many occasions.

"It works on my machine" probably comes up the most.

I'm considering my next phone. While I don't want to leave the Apple ecosphere, I love android's capacity for customisation.

I'm mostly drawn towards the HTC One (32gb) ATM. Does anyone have an opinion on this model?

Yet another problem with my Windows 8 machine has appeared: It wont let me select more than 30 characters of text when I'm using the keyboard.

As a programmer, being able to highlight text for copy, paste or delete, quickly and accurately is pretty fundamental. I usually do it by holding SHIFT and and the arrow keys. But I've found Windows 8 will only let me select 30 characters, then it pauses, and releases the highlight as if it forgot what it was doing.

Anyone else have this problem, or do I truly have a dud machine?

I now have a Windows 8 machine as my new Freelance laptop. All I need now is a mouse to go with it. After using an Apple Magic Mouse for my last job, I've come to love touch mice.

Can anyone recommend a good, solid touch mouse that works well with Windows 8?

#windows8 #touchmouse  

Remember to regularly back up your fridge because if your fridge crashes you'll lose all your food.

Just learnt the hard way that you don't fly indoors. Ow, my head...

"When did I stop being a hero and turn into a crazy person?"

"Now turn off your security and let me FLY!"

What a great dream! Haven't had one of those for a long while. Imagine how much fun a dragon can have with a grapple gun.

I've been filming my rides to work, hoping to capture the incredibly stupid things the silly creatures do in front of me. Can anyone recommend a good video editing program or app for windows XP or Android tablet? I'm looking for something that allows me to trim and splice footage and maybe add my own audio.

Spotted a trio of furries on the 82 tram this evening. Nice to know there are furries in my area of town - they just seem to be really hard to find.

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I'm torn between 'OMG they are so cute! WANT!' and 'WTF are you doing, LEGO??!'. My wallet just sighs and say 'start saving...'
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