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Pradeep Mohandas
Bank employee interested in Reading, Geography, Space and Digital Sciences
Bank employee interested in Reading, Geography, Space and Digital Sciences

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Lovely addition to have this on Chrome after you're addicted to it on Safari!

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Build a #LEGO Moon robot---and win!

MoonBots 2014 is here:

A LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge, kids from around the world (and their incredible working LEGO creations) will be competing for Moon glory and a trip to Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Register today!

Launch activities have started in Sriharikota for the launch of second in a series of Indian navigational satellites - IRNSS-1B, on board the PSLV-C24. Launch is slated for April, 2014. 

+Srinivas Laxman let me know that the 30th anniversary flight of the cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma between April 2, 1984 and April 11, 1984 is this year. Since Sharma, we've had only two astronauts of Indian origin (American citizens) in space - Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams.

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The Back to the Moon for Good show, narrated by Tim Allen, that talks about the lunar exploration in the 1960s and 1970s and which introduces the Google Lunar X Prize, is showing in 4 planetariums in India -

1. Space Sci Planetarium, Ernakulam, Kerala
2. Space Trek, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
3. Sri Sathya Sai Space Theater, Prasanthi Nilayam Andhra Pradesh 
4. Pushpa Gufral Science City, Chandigarh

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An interesting research into Nandi Hills

CanSat is a concept of having a sensor inside a Coke can. In the US, these are launched on an amateur rocket and recovered by using radio beacons. Unfortunately for us in India, our laws don't allow amateur rocketry practically. Hence, we have to adapt.

The essence of doing a CanSat is essentially to understand how sensors work and how data is captured in a moving environment that it senses. It provides a basic platform for learning things that would eventually be needed to learn how to build satellites.

That's what I'd like to work on! (I'm not an IBMer)

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I was BlogCamp today. Quite an interesting and fun day was had.
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