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Special Trip #2: Travel to the Uxmal Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan!
Have you ever wanted to go and explore places of ancient
times and that of mystery?  If you ever
wanted to do so, then head on down to the Yucatan peninsula and see the Uxmal Mayan ruins !  Uxmal is located in the
Yucatan, and it is considered one of the la...

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Special Trip #1: Travel to Port Progreso in Yucatan!
Do you want to experience things outside of Ohio, and even
outside that of the United States of America? 
Then travel down to the Yucatan peninsula to Port Progreso !  Even though this area is not in the United
States, it is still a place where you should g...

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Take a cruise around the American coast and in the United States territories!
Do you want to experience different areas of the United
States, but do not want to travel by land or air?  Then you would want to go down south of the
United States and ride on a cruise ship particularly that of a Carnival cruise
ship from the Carnival Crui...

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Go down to Kentucky and see the Mammoth Cave National Park!
Did you ever want to go and experience that of caves or
underground tunnels?  Did you ever want
to go explore the unknown, such as the Deep Ocean or underground caves?  If you answered yes to one of those
questions, then Mammoth Cave National Park   is the ...

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Travel to Dayton, Ohio and experience the National Museum of the United States Air Force!
If you want to go to a museum, and are interested in the
history of the United States Air Force, then you can head over to Dayton, Ohio and
visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force !  At this museum, located in Dayton, is a
unique type of mu...

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Go to Mason, Ohio and ride The Beast at Kings Island!
If you are up to riding some more roller coasters other than
Cedar Point, then you would love to go on down to that of Kings Island and
experience some of the top thrill rides in Ohio!  At Kings Island, you can experience riding
some of the thrill rides tha...

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Visit the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas!
Would you want to travel to a moment in time when the
thought of revolution was an important subject within the United States, other
than the Revolutionary War?  Then travel
on down to San Antonio, Texas, and go see the Alamo!  The Alamo , still standing to...

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Ride the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast!
Are you ready to experience a thrill ride like never
before?  Then travel to Sandusky, Ohio to
experience that of Cedar Point , or America’s Roller Coast !  Cedar Point, built in 1870, is home to some
of the world’s best amusement rides and roller coasts.  ...

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Travel here if you dare! The Ohio State Reformatory (Mansfield Reformatory)
Have you ever wanted to go to a place where you wanted to
explore and hopefully catch some ghosts on film or audio?  Well, you can!  If you live in Ohio, or want to travel to Ohio
to visit interesting locations, you can head to Mansfield, Ohio, and visit th...

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (as well as Zoombezi Bay!)
Okay, so the first stop/location that we are going to in our adventure blog is none other than near the capital of Ohio, at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium !  Pictured above is none other than one of the newest members to the zoo, the polar bear, which is now...
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