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Chicago officer sues estate of teen he fatally shot

+Chicago Tribune: A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a 19-year-old college student and accidentally killed his neighbor has filed a lawsuit against the teenager's estate, arguing the shooting caused the officer "extreme emotional trauma." 

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My son, Hennessey Frazier, is a 17 yo African American man from Cedartown, GA. He is right now, as we speak, being charged as a gang member and terrorist for a murder he was nowhere in sight to commit. The city of Cedartown wants to lock away all of these kids, regardless of if they have evidence on them or not. Look at him. He looks happy. A loving son and brother. Proud father. And the police are doing exactly what they are trained to do in the Dirty South: BREAK UP BLACK FAMILIES. HE has dreams and goals that he was fulfilling until they stepped in. No one said he is perfect, bit my son is not a killer. How can you be at three places at one time? Well, call him David Copperfield because they said he was. I will not rest until they free my son. He has an alibi and witnesses to where he was. He passed the gun residue test. They ASKED FOR A POLYGRAPH TEST, MY SON AGREED, THEN THEY POLICE REFUSED TO GIVE IT. SO HE TO THEM TO MAKE A RECORD OF IT THAT IF THEY DON'T DO IT THEN, DON'T ASK LATER. THE ANSWER IS NO. THE INJUSTICE IN THIS CITY, THIS STATE, THIS COUNTRY HAS TO COME TO AN END. I PRAY FOR JUSTICE FOR THE MOTHER OF THE LOST, BUT LOCKING UP THE WRONG PEOPLE TO MAKE YOUR CITY LOOK GOOD BECAUSE YOU ARE FULL OF CORRUPTION IS NOT HOW YOU DO IT. (READ UP ABOUT CEDARTOWN GA AND THE CORRUPTION WITHIN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM, POLICE DEPT, AND EVEN THE DENTIST, LAWYERS, AND CHOP SHOPS. I #WEARMYCROWN WHEN THE POLICE SEE ME. I AM NOT SCARED. I AM READY FOR WAR. #BRINGITON #PRAY4HENNESSEY GOD YOU ALL THAT TOOK THE TIME OUT TO READ THIS AND PLEASE SHARE. HIS COUSIN IS ALSO FACING THE SAME CHARGES AND HE IS ONLY 15 AND THEY WERE TOGETHER. #NOJUSTICENOPEACE #GETRIDOFRACISTPOLICE

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